The district of Chouf is where Serjbeil (Sirjbal) is situated. From Beirut, it takes 30 minutes to get there. It is a pretty well-known location in the region, primarily because of the nearby waterfall. It may be found deep into the valley. The waterfall and river crossing are both breathtaking. Although it is quite difficult, it is possible to climb up and down the river stream, which gives some fantastic vistas. The water is deep enough for all types of jumps at the waterfall area, where there are multiple jumps ranging in height from 3 to 8 meters (though occasionally there are floating branches, so make sure the water is clear).

The place is great for a relaxing day, and the water is really clean. However, on weekends, particularly Sundays, it may get a little packed. The light will shine through the water spray, creating a wonderful sight with gorgeous, sparkling sunshine. When the sun's rays strike the water spray in front of a high rock, a gorgeous rainbow will form above the stream. This is perfect for photographers or anybody who appreciates capturing pictures of the amazing natural world.

Location: Chouf, Lebanon

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