In the beautiful Bsetines Al-Ossi valley, to the north, lies a delightful region of Lebanon called Kfarhelda, where mother nature stretches forth in dazzling magnificence. Kfar Helda has a fantastical quality due to its lush vegetation, captivating waterfalls, fertile soil, and stunning vistas. There is, however, a secret paradise that was originally the site of a Roman temple, and relics from churches and monasteries may still be found there, whispering the medieval ages. Kfarhelda, also known as Kfar Helda, is most beautiful in the spring and summer because of the wide-open spaces it provides for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, bicycling, swimming in its river, or simply taking in a picnic or a delicious dinner at one of its restaurants.

When you visit this waterfall, you'll feel as though you've entered a scene from a movie because it is surrounded by dense vegetation. The waterfall, which is one of Lebanon's strongest and is close to the red-roofed village of Douma, is an amazing sight to see. Tourists are drawn to unspoiled areas of nature where they may hear gushing water and breaking waves. The beauty of Kfarhelda regains its completeness during the rainy season.

Location: Bsetines Al-Ossi, Lebanon


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