Girls of the Wild's

Hun and Zhena are the creators of the South Korean webcomic "Girls of the Wild," sometimes referred to as a manhwa. In serial form, it ran from 2011 to 2016. The action takes place in Wild's High, a famous high school renowned for its robust martial arts curriculum. However, the institution decided to allow female pupils for the first time as a result of financial issues.

The main character of the narrative is Song Jae Gu, a shy and unremarkable high school student. When he enrolls at Wild's High and is the sole male student there, he gets sucked into the mayhem. Jae Gu must negotiate the difficulties of rigorous martial arts training, ferocious rivalries, and intricate relationships while being surrounded by a group of strong and brilliant female warriors known as the Wild's League.

As the plot develops, Jae Gu establishes friendships with the Wild's League girls, each of them has a unique personality and combat technique. Together, they deal with a variety of difficulties, such as rivalries, contests, and personal hardships. The manhwa examines topics of friendship, love, personal development, and the advancement of women in a patriarchal society. Martial arts, romance, comedy, and drama are all present in "Girls of the Wild." Intense fight scenes, personal growth, and the interactions between the male protagonist and the strong female characters are all highlighted. The manhwa was praised for its compelling plot, compelling characters, and portrayal of female emancipation.

Author: Hun

Illustrator: Zhena

Genres: Martial Arts, Romance, Comedy, Drama

Chapters: 15

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