Wind Breaker

Yongseok Jo is the author and artist of the South Korean webcomic "Wind Breaker," sometimes referred to as a manhwa. That is one of the best manhwa (webtoons) with handsome MC. It earned a devoted following after being serialized for the first time in 2015. Jo Paein, a high school student, is the main character of the tale. He finds his passion for cycling and is engaged in the world of street racing.

In "Wind Breaker," Paein joins a group of skilled and adventurous cyclists known as the Wind Breakers who compete in street races. He goes through arduous training, develops his abilities, and participates in spectacular races against opposing teams. The manhwa covers Paein's journey as he faces obstacles, develops relationships with his teammates, and works to improve as a cyclist.

The story explores themes of camaraderie, grit, and going for your aspirations. It highlights the thrilling world of street racing, the competition between teams, and the character development. The genres of sports, action, drama, and coming-of-age are all present in "Wind Breaker."

Author/Illustrator: Yongseok Jo

Genres: Sports, Action, Drama

Chapters: 447

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