My ID is Gangnam Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty is a popular South Korean webtoon, also known as a manhwa, written by Gi Maeng-gi. From 2016 to 2018, it was serialized on the website Naver Webtoon. The manhwa attracted a lot of attention for its distinctive plot and likable characters, which addressed societal beauty standards and the difficulties people confront in their quest for self-acceptance. The protagonist of the novel is Kang Mi-rae, a young woman who has battled with her beauty and self-confidence ever since she was bullied for her appearance as a youngster. She had plastic surgery during her first year of college and starts a new phase of her life looking more like a typical attractive person.

As Mi-rae starts her college career, she meets a variety of people who are important to her quest for self-discovery. Do Kyung-seok, a popular and attractive student who piques Mi-rae's interest and discomfort, is one of them. Together, they manage the intricacies of friendships, relationships, and societal expectations with the help of Hyun Soo-a, a lovely girl with a life that seems to be going well, and Woo Young-mi, an outspoken friend who is incredibly helpful.

struggles with the effects of her change throughout the entire manhwa, doubting both her own identity and the true nature of beauty. The narrative explores themes of self-acceptance, inner strength, and the significance of embracing one's genuine self while questioning the societal norms' superficial standards. Readers experience an emotional rollercoaster as Mi-rae's journey is revealed, seeing her development and experiencing both her successes and failures. The manhwa provides an insightful examination of beauty, identity, and the significance of self-love.

A fascinating manhwa, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, addresses social beauty ideals and the path to self-acceptance. It raises awareness of the complexity of looks and the significance of embracing one's actual self through its sympathetic characters and interesting plot. My ID is Gangnam Beauty provides an engaging and profound reading experience, regardless of whether you're a lover of webcomics, manhwa, or simply enjoy thought-provoking storylines.

Author/ Illustrator: Gi Maeng-gi

Genres: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Chapters: 9

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