Son Jeho and Lee Kwangsu are the authors and artists of the well-known South Korean webcomic "Noblesse," sometimes referred to as a manhwa. That is one of the best manhwa (webtoons) with handsome MC. Since it was initially serialized in 2007, it has amassed a considerable fanbase on a global scale. The protagonist of the tale is a strong nobleman by the name of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, also known as Rai, who awakens after an 820-year nap.

is a legendary vampire noble in "Noblesse" who boasts superhuman power and talents. He moves back into the present day and enrolls in high school in order to live a typical life. Rai makes friends with both people and other supernatural creatures, including his devoted assistant, Frankenstein, the school's principal.

Rai engages in numerous confrontations and battles with adversaries who pose a threat to his allies and the harmony between humans and supernatural beings as he attempts to fit into the contemporary world. Rai's strange history, his responsibilities as a noble, and the mysteries of the Noblesse—a formidable entity chosen to guard the nobles and uphold order in their society—are all explored in the novel. The supernatural, action, fantasy, and school life genres are all present in "Noblesse." It looks at issues like friendship, loyalty, identity, and the conflict between the supernatural and civilized civilization. The manhwa has received accolades for its engrossing characters, thrilling action scenes, and complex storyline.

Author: Son Jeho

Illustrator: Lee Kwangsu

Genres: Supernatural, Action, Fantasy, School-Life

Chapters: 50

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