The Beginning After the End

TurtleMe and Fuyuki23 are the creators of the well-known South Korean webcomic "The Beginning After the End," generally referred to as a manhwa. It got a sizable audience after being serialized for the first time in 2018. The fantasy, adventure, and isekai genres are all represented in the novel. The main character of "The Beginning After the End" is Arthur Leywin, a strong king who, upon his death, is reincarnated into a magical and monster-filled world. Arthur is a young kid with extraordinary magical skills who must learn to navigate a new existence filled with obstacles, missions, and perilous encounters.

The manhwa chronicles Arthur's development as he battles numerous dangers, discovers the secrets of his past life, and defends those he loves. He develops allies, acquaintances, and encounters a wide range of intriguing personalities along the way. Power, fate, friendship, and personal development are some of the themes covered in "The Beginning After the End." It features epic battles, magical prowess, and an engrossing plot that draws readers in.

Author: TurtleMe

Illustrator: Fuyuki23

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Isekai

Chapters: 175

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