The compelling manhwa ("Korean comic") "Lookism" tackles the concepts of appearance, identity, and human development. It transports readers on a compelling trip through the protagonist's life as he encounters a singular and transforming phenomena. The protagonist of the narrative is a high schooler named Daniel Park who endures intense bullying because of his terrible appearance. But one day he awakens in the body of a lovely kid named Jae Yeol, who is physically the complete opposite of him. As Daniel navigates the difficulties of his dual identities, this unanticipated turn presents him with a new universe of opportunity.

"Lookism" explores the intricacies of cultural evaluations of beauty and how they affect people. The manhwa addresses topics of self-acceptance, prejudice, and the power dynamics impacted by appearances via Daniel's experiences. It clarifies the idea that genuine beauty resides behind the surface and highlights the significance of one's inner traits and personal development. The graphics of "Lookism" include emotive, realistic character designs that make the narrative come to life. The manhwa expertly depicts the characters' feelings and tribulations, drawing readers into their world and resulting in a visually engaging reading experience.

"Lookism" has a loyal following thanks to its thought-provoking storyline, likable characters, and profound concepts. It questions cultural expectations and nudges readers to consider their own ideas of identity and beauty. "Lookism" delivers a distinct and engrossing manhwa experience, whether you're interested in learning more about the subtleties of appearance or just appreciate a good tale.

Author/Illustrator: Park Tae-joon

Genres: Drama, Slice of Life

Chapters: 465

Read here: https://lookism.me/ho042/

Screenshots via lookism.me
Screenshots via lookism.me
Screenshots via lookism.me
Screenshots via lookism.me

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