The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Lee Do-gyeong and Nam Heesung are the creators of the well-known South Korean webcomic "The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor," generally referred to as a manhwa. It is based on Nam Heesung's similar-titled light novel series. The manhwa tells the tale of Lee Hyun, a young man who excels in the virtual reality game "Royal Road," becoming a legendary player. In the game, Lee Hyun decides to go on a journey as a sculptor, making lovely sculptures and earning money from them, in order to escape his miserable life and financial troubles.

As Lee Hyun advances through the game, he learns that although becoming a sculptor is difficult, it has immense promise and benefits. He encounters obstacles, fights creatures, completes tasks, and engages in interactions with a variety of characters in both the real world and the virtual one. The virtual reality game "The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor" mixes aspects of fantasy, adventure, and gaming. It demonstrates Lee Hyun's development as a player and his tenacity in his quest to excel as the game's best sculptor. The manhwa tackles themes like aspiration, tenacity, friendship, and dream-chasing.

The rich character designs and breathtaking settings in "The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor"'s artwork perfectly capture the immersive gaming environment. The manhwa's captivating narrative, intriguing gaming mechanics, and the growth of its protagonist have helped it amass a sizable fanbase.

Author: Lee Do-gyeong
Illustrator: Nam Heesung
Genres: VRMMO, Fantasy, Adventure

Chapters: 175

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