Siren's Lament

Instantmiso is the author and artist of the South Korean webcomic "Siren's Lament," sometimes referred to as a manhwa. It was first serialized in 2016, and since then, readers have been enthralled by its distinctive fusion of drama, fantasy, and romance. The protagonist of the tale is Lyra, a high school girl who finds herself transformed into a siren after falling into the ocean by accident. Lyra has the ability to use her singing voice to entice and manipulate others as a siren. She quickly learns, though, that her new skills have a price as she gets entangled in the battles and dark mysteries of the underwater realm.

Lyra meets other sirens and develops a bond with a mystery young guy named Ian as she makes her way through her new reality. They set off on a mission to learn the truth about Lyra's transformation and the mysteries pertaining to the siren world together. The themes of identity, love, sacrifice, and the results of one's decisions are all explored in the manhwa. The supernatural, romance, fantasy, and drama all come together in "Siren's Lament." It has stunning illustrations, detailed character development, and an engrossing plot that keeps readers reading.

Author/Illustrator: instantmiso

Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Drama

Chapters: 26

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