Top 10 Best Restaurants In Fiji

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It's no surprise that Fiji is a popular tourist destination, with 333 soft, white-sand tropical islands surrounded by lovely, calm oceans. Fijian cuisine is simple, consisting largely of lamb or goat meat eaten with rice or other grains such as maize meal or couscous. There are also international choices available for individuals seeking more variety. The best restaurants are centered in the city, with fewer located in outlying areas. Let's find out the list of the best restaurants in Fiji!

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Wicked Walu

Wicked Walu, located on a little island adrift in an azure sea, is approached by a short causeway and provides a Fantasy Island experience, especially in the dark when the road is magnificently lighted by burning tiki torches. The Wicked Walu restaurant is the place to go if you want to eat in Fiji and feel like you're in an island paradise. It's directly on the sea, and its open-air, wooden hut style allows you to enjoy Fiji's best casual fine dining.

Wicked Walu Seafood Restaurant is famous for its seafood grills. Because of its popularity, the restaurant and terrace fill up quickly, so make your reservation in advance. You can enjoy fresh seafood platters heaped high with lobster, mahi-mahi, mud crab, scallops, and oysters, as well as char-grilled steaks and delectable desserts like chocolate pie. Local specialties such as superior grilled shrimp and delectable lamb pies, as well as a variety of cold sweets, are also available on the menu. These unusual choices elevate Wicked Walu to the top of the list of must-try restaurants in Fiji.

Location: QPHP+P2V, Queens Rd, Warwick, Fiji
679 653 0555

Hours: 18:00 AM - 22:00 PM

Google Rating: 4.7/5
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Sundowner Bar & Grill

Sundowner Bar & Grill is a luxurious bar and grill located near the adults-only pool of Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa. This grill's easy (and beautiful) poolside setting, along with the opulent resort environment, makes it one of the top birthday restaurants in Fiji. With its hardwood furnishings and pristine white design, Sundowner Bar & Grill wonderfully balances comfort with island grandeur. Because of its ultra-trendy style and inventive food, this sleek and sophisticated establishment is one of the coolest and most popular restaurants to try here.

In Sundowner Bar & Grill, you can start with the Palusami Spring Rolls and then go on to the Valolo Smoke (fish) with steaming Jasmine rice at Sundowner Bar & Grill. Then, you can deep Fried Ice Cream will round out your feast. The Sundowner Bar & Grill is the place to be with family and friends, offering unique drinks and exceptional service. The menu at this restaurant changes seasonally and is always influenced by what's at sea. Depending on the weather, guests can eat in the glass-enclosed restaurant or under the plane trees in the courtyard.

Location: RH92+RXX Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort, Sigatoka, Fiji


Tel: 679 650 0044

Hours: 7:00 AM - 23:00 PM

Google Rating: 4.6/5
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Nadina Authentic Fijian Restaurant

Because to its refreshing setting, vibrant ambiance, and great meals, Nadina Fijian Restaurant is a favorite among the best places to dine in Fiji. This restaurant was voted one of the best in Fiji because to its cool brilliant blue lighting, beachfront setting, and delicious seafood options. You'll feel very calm and as if you're on a wonderful vacation with amazing harbor views and delicious meals. Although the prices are a bit higher than usual, Nadina Fijian Restaurant reflects it in terms of quality.

Nadina Fijian Restaurant is also a classy bar and grill that delivers innovative food prepared from premium ingredients. On a fantastic, romantic evening with your partner, enjoy gourmet cuisine in Fiji at the Nadina Fijian. It features an urban-chic ambience, a large selection of international wines, attractively prepared cuisine, and an excellent sushi bar. Salmon, soybean paper, tempura flakes, and many more ingredients are included. Order the STT for another fish-based lunch (Salmon Tartare Toast). This meal is made out of salmon, flatbread, edamame, sweet chile, ponzu, and hummus.

Location: Port Denarau, Denarau Island, Nadi, Fiji


Tel: 679 675 0290

Hours: 9:00 AM - 22:30 PM

Google Rating: 4.6/5
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Kanu Gastropub by Lance Seeto

Kanu Gastropub is situated in Martintar, Nadi's entertainment zone. a lively and fascinating neighborhood with pubs, cafés, and other restaurants. Outstanding flavors and fragrances from the open kitchen flood the room and enthrall guests while providing a lively atmosphere and attentive but informal service. Diners can have an amazing lunch with friends and family in Kanu Gastropub's light and welcoming environment.

Kanu stands out from the competition as a modern rendition of Fijian flavors that highlights distinctive local ingredients. It strives to improve and elevate Fijian cuisine while encouraging the local culinary community to draw inspiration from their own past while developing new dishes rather than traveling elsewhere. The flavors of the outstanding dishes have been complemented by an intriguing cocktail and beverage assortment.

You may have a novel dining experience at Kanu Gastropub by having dinner in the water. This place was a terrific morning hangout because of its pastries and confections, which were enjoyed while lounging in comfortable lounge chairs. Tea in Kanu was a fantastic accompaniment to the Eggs Benedict. For a morning dessert or afternoon tea snack, you can also have some brownies and macaroons.

Location: 333 Queens Rd, Nadi, Fiji


Tel: 679 784 9030

Hours: 8:00 AM - 22:00 PM

Google Rating: 4.5/5
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Ocean Terrace

Ocean Terrace, which is conveniently placed near the coast and tucked amid beautiful green palm trees, has plenty to offer all of its visitors. The vistas around Ocean Terrace are great for a romantic, tranquil evening for two, in addition to being a welcoming, child-friendly restaurant. If you're searching for wonderful yet reasonably priced Fijian food, this is the place to go.

Ocean Terrace
is a tiny and intimate restaurant with live music, a casual coastal feel, and delicious Fijian cuisine. The delectable Fijian-style ika vakalolo is a must, while lobster may be prepared any way you wish and authentic Indo-Fijian chicken curry is served with handmade chutneys. Furthermore, the greatest of traditional Fijian cuisine, such as coconut and white fish crepes and unusual tandoori salads, are provided here.

Vegetarians will not leave hungry, as the menu includes classic dhal soup, flavorful coconut spinach rou rou soup, spinach ravioli, and a full vegetarian curry plate. In addition, you can try The Rhum-Ba for beautifully prepared evening dinners. It strikes an excellent blend between a casual eating setting and fine dining-style cuisine in Ocean Terrace. Come here and enjoy many fantastic experiences!

Location: Sunset Strip RGCX+G8W Korotogo, Coral Coast, Fiji
679 650 0476
7:00 AM - 21:30 PM
Google Rating:
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Indigo Indian Asian Restaurant

Indigo Indian Asian Restaurant is a favorite choice for the best restaurants in Fiji for breakfast and brunch because of its calm resort ambience, open-air design, and delicious cuisine options. When you start your day here, you'll immediately feel transported to a tropical vacation. The service is attentive, and the foreign cuisine is excellent. Indigo will provide you with exceptional experiences at the Port Denarau retail and dining complex.

Because Indians make up over half of the population, try some real Indian food on your Fiji vacation. Indigo Indian Asian Restaurant serves attractively prepared food that bursts with the enticing flavor and scent of chilli and spices. Vegetarians will love the cuisine, which includes creamy palak paneer, piping-hot dal makhani, pindi chana masala, and delicious stuffed paneer tikka. The naan bread and roti are perfect, and the pickles and chutneys are delicious in Indigo Restaurent. Non-vegetarians have plenty of options as well, with masala crab being a popular speciality, as well as a hot and spicy vindaloo and Asian favorites like Szechuan chicken and Thai green curry.

Location: Port Denarau, Nadi, Fiji


Tel: 679 675 0026

Hours: 11:00 AM - 22:00 PM

Google Rating: 4.4/5
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Taste Fiji Kitchen

Taste Fiji Kitchen has been a popular choice for many tourists after being consistently hailed as one of the top restaurants in Fiji by visitors. The restaurant, located on the island of Nadi, takes pleasure in employing the best locally sourced fresh Fijian foods. Taste Kitchen is the place to go if you have a few hours in Nadi and want to get away from the costly Denarau resorts. After a stroll around the tranquil palm-tree-shaded grounds, expect to be served high-quality, fresh cuisine at this Nadi restaurant.

Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea are available, as well as a variety of delectable desserts. Good coffee mixes nicely with freshly baked pastries at Taste Fiji Kitchen, and the hallmark, much-loved meal is the caramelized Vuda pig belly. Vegetarians will like the delicious baked ricotta, robust salads, aromatic tamarind rice noodles with tofu, and moreish local root crop crisps. Taste Fiji Kitchen is a terrific location to relax and unwind from the rush and bustle of town. It has always prioritized the safety and well-being of its customers and staff, and anybody dining there should expect a safe, clean, and secure atmosphere.

Location: Queens Road Namaka, Nadi, Viti Levu 9169 Fiji
679 867 0470
7:00 AM - 15:00 PM
Google Rating:
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Bonefish Seafood Restaurant

Bonefish Seafood Restaurant, located on the Sheraton Fiji Resort, is recognized as one of the top fine-dining establishments, with outstanding service to match. To create a comfortable yet sophisticated ambience, the eating space opened to a view of the ocean and was encircled by the resort's wonderfully constructed water installation. The surroundings mirror the high-end cuisine, with attractive decor reminiscent of a luxury cruise ship. Make a reservation in advance, since Bonefish Seafood is one of Fiji's most popular restaurants.

Bonefish Seafood Restaurant serves a tastefully crafted worldwide menu that caters to all preferences. Among the components are crispy chicken breast, monterey jack cheese, horseradish coleslaw, house-made sauce, pickled red onions, bacon, and beer-battered onion rings. In Bonefish, some of the ingredients are creamy mashed potatoes, onions, spinach, melted cheddar, and cabbage. Furthermore, the restaurant serves guests with zeal, providing a memorable dining experience. Come here and have a good time!

Location: Port Denarau , Nadi, Fiji


Tel: 679 675 0197

Hours: 11:00 AM - 22:00 PM

Google Rating: 4.3/5
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Bulaccino and Hemisphere Wine Bar

Bulaccino began as a tiny café in Nadi and has now expanded to include a bright and airy café on Denerau Island as well as its own organic farm, ensuring enough of good products. The Namaka branch in Nadi may not appear to be much from the outside, but don't be fooled; Bulaccino is a terrific all-rounder with an Art Deco décor and nice garden space at the back. The welcoming and warm family-run establishment ensures that the hospitality reflects the loving attention placed into the exquisite cafe's creation.

Bulaccino Café, which focuses on cultural fusion, serves a variety of delectable delicacies, including'slow food' produced with fresh Fijian ingredients and high-quality, classic Italian cuisine such as pizzas and spaghetti. A crispy corn tortilla is loaded with pistachios, agave honey, Queretaro goat cheese, and beetroot rooster beak. In Bulaccino Café, you can also refuel with a perfectly brewed signature organic coffee, frosted cup cake, or classic high tea, or keep it light with a fresh salad, fruit smoothie, and grilled fish with lemon and garlic.

Location: Waqadra Industrial Subdivision Challenge Plaza, Fiji


Tel: 679 776 8638

Hours: 7:00 AM - 16:00 PM

Google Rating: 4.3/5
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Baka Blues Café

You can spend an evening away from your Fiji vacation at the jazzy, New Orleans-inspired Baka Blues Café. In this atmospheric pub filled with hand-picked artifacts from America's deep south, talented musicians bang out the blues, while the jukebox is stocked with oldies and the big screen shows live sports. Baka Blues Café is a wooden open-front restaurant that specializes in Fijian and Italian cuisine. Its thatched roof, wooden furnishings, and beachfront position make it one of the top dining spots in Fiji because of its relaxed environment and true island feeling.

Baka Blues Café offers some of the greatest meals in Fiji. Traditional earth oven cooking, known as a lovo in Fiji, is used to bake lovingly prepared food. It preserves a traditional Fijian charm for its patrons, who dine in a thatched hut with open windows. Baka specializes in barbecue, Creole, and Cajun cuisine; large dishes include Route 66 chili with garlic bread, sizzling baby back ribs, and a colorful smoked chicken in a pineapple boat. The bartenders make a superb mint julep, and the beer is packed on ice to ensure that your Fiji Bitter is always served cold.

Location: 1342 Hibiscus Dr, Pacific Harbour, Fiji


Tel: 679 992 7453

Hours: 15:00 AM - 20:30 PM

Google Rating: 4.1/5

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