Top 5 Best Restaurants In Burundi

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Burundi's gastronomic delights seldom fail to please international visitors. The country's fertile volcanic soil produces excellent produce, as well as fresh ... read more...

  1. Sylvie and Didier are glad to welcome you to the restaurant "Le Jardin Gourmand" in the Hesperrange, following 10 years of running the cafe-restaurant "Cathédrale" in Luxembourg City and more than 11 years working at the restaurant-café "Klein" in Frisange. The French expat scene frequents this tucked-away courtyard restaurant. The menu includes curries, brochettes, pasta, steaks, salads, and what some consider to be the best burgers in Burundi (and France). It's run by French people and feels like a mini-France at times (all be it a hot, sticky one with banana plants). The open kitchen is a lovely feature, and the owner likes to keep herself busy making sure her clients are happy.

    The chef serves classic French and Luxembourgish meals in a pleasant setting. The lunch menu is available Monday through Friday and on weekends, with a selection of starters, main meals, cheese cart, and handcrafted dessert plates. On bright days, the lovely terrace behind the restaurant, with views of the Hesperrange park and the Alzette shore, is open to the public.

    Address: Place de l'Independence, Galerie Alexander
    Phone: 079671257
    Hours: 7am-5pm Mon-Fri, 10.30am-5pm Sat

    Rate: 4.3

  2. Botanica - with a variety of foods that are familiar to diners but have unique and different flavors, Botanica will have customers fluttering and impressed right away. The food at Botanica are delectable. The cuisine is inspired by Europe's distinct cuisine and is served in a new, creative approach while maintaining the original refinement. Botanica serves exceptional beef steaks, as well as a diverse menu of other delectable foods and a large range of beverages, including exquisite wines and fresh juices. All ingredients are carefully picked according to stringent guidelines, assuring delicious and high-quality dishes while also ensuring food cleanliness and safety, giving you peace of mind when utilizing the service. The restaurant's service.

    Aside from the delicacies that have become Botanica's characteristic, the airy, calm, and equally romantic atmosphere, as well as the system of comfortable and sumptuous private rooms, have left diners with an amazing experience. Botanica is convinced that, with low prices and a variety of specials, it will be the first choice for diners looking to enjoy wonderful food while also sharing truly pleasant moments with friends, families, colleagues, and partners.

    Address: Blvd de l’Uprona
    Phone: 22226792
    Hours: 7am-10pm

    Rate: 4.2
  3. This French-inspired institution, housed in a massive villa on the eastern end of Chaussée Prince Rwagasore, is one of the top restaurants in the city, with a white-tablecloth ambience and old-fashioned French food. Chez André, in the midst of what's known as the "Golden Triangle," is where business, luxury, fashion, and the press all meet, just steps away from Place de l'Etoile and the world's most beautiful road.

    It first opened its doors in 1936 and has maintained the same atmosphere since then. The bistro tables and zinc bar go back to the 1930s. In terms of the menu, the dishes people are familiar with have been modified to produce a high-class, classic, and refined cuisine. They have a variety of wines available by the glass. Their menu features a diverse selection of dishes that combine tried-and-true classics with cutting-edge cuisine, traditional flavors with unique sensations. Below are some of the imaginations and experiences gleaned from far-flung travels. They strive to provide you with something unique and original that you haven't experienced before. A once-in-a-lifetime culinary adventure!

    Location: Chaussée Prince Rwagasore
    Hours: 7am-11pm Mon-Sat

    Phone: +372 744 2085

    Rate: 4.1
  4. L'Hacienda continues to expand and innovate with full-service casual dining restaurants that provide a fun, customized experience, delicious, affordable food, and a diverse beverage menu. For over 40 years, their guests have trusted them to keep their excellent promise. They currently operate 14 sites throughout Indiana, each with a strong local reputation. With a variety of booths and tables in both the dining rooms and the Cantina, Hacienda caters to groups of all sizes. They give guests a space to connect with friends, family, coworkers, and, most importantly, with us! They also provide outstanding carryout and catering services for guests on the go.

    This new Belgian-run restaurant is a growing star among Buju's wealthy, thanks to its funky art and garden fountains. The menu consists of a blend of French classics with tropical undertones, such as yam and manioc chips, which are served with traditional French steak. It's a wonderful location to come for a drink if you're not hungry.

    Location: Blvd de l'Uprona

    Hours: 7am-11pm Mon-Sat

    Rate: 3.5
  5. Le Café Gourmand is an Australian/French cafe that aims to give a delicious breakfast or lunch experience. This is possibly Eastern Africa's finest genuinely French patisserie. The exquisite little strawberry and lemon tarts are miniature pieces of art, and the flaky crispness of the croissants is just right. They also provide delicious coffee, salads, and crêpes (after 10.30am only).

    Their chefs are French, and they pour their hearts and souls into every dish that leaves the kitchen. Their welcoming staff is dedicated to looking after each client and making them feel at ease. Their products are fresh, sourced from the greatest producers in Australia and France, baked daily, and prepared to order. Do you want to throw your own party? It's worth noting that you can partially privatize our venue for your function. They can be used to celebrate birthdays, family reunions, lectures, and business gatherings.

    Location: Ave de France

    Phone: +62 31 7322552

    Hours: 7am-9pm Mon-Fri & Sun, 10.30am-9pm Sat

    Rate: 4.6

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