Top 5 Best Restaurants In Equatorial Guinea

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The Cuisine of Equatorial Guinea is a blend of the cuisines of the native tribes, as well as that of Spain (their colonial motherland) and Islamic states such ... read more...

  1. L'Oriental is the best restaurant in Equatorial Guinea. It is easily ignored from the outside, perched above Little Venice on Hamilton's western outskirts. Ascend the stairs, however, and you'll understand why this is a hotspot for fans of true Asian fusion cuisine. L'Oriental has been complimented time and time again for its inviting ambiance and cheerful servers who are really pleased to see you. The interior design is likewise distinctive, with finished woods, cured pagoda roods, and black marble accents.

    The subtle floral arrangements and greenery, as well as hints of scarlet, entice wandering eyes. In addition, there is an outside balcony where visitors can dine under the stars. This opulent restaurant serves delectable Lebanese cuisine as well as big, if doughy, pizzas. Because there are few customers these days, many menu items are unavailable, but the hummus is delicious. The terrace with views of the sea is a nice place to stop for a beer, and there's a takeaway next door.

    Location: cnr Ave Patrice Lumumba & Paseo Marítima, Bata

    Rate: 4.6

  2. The 2nd restaurant in the list of the best restaurants in Equatorial Guinea is La Ferme Beach. About 20 minutes south of Bata port is La Ferme, a wonderful beach resort. Guests are welcome to dine in one of the restaurant's two intimate dining rooms, where they will be served by a dedicated front-of-house team led by Managing Partner, François Guerin. It features a spacious restaurant, a large balcony, and a beautiful pool surrounded by palm trees. Fish is the greatest option here, and it's as fresh as it gets. The tortilla and empanadilla amuse-bouche is a great touch.

    When lockdown restrictions allowed, they began using what was originally their front dining room as a deli space to supply excellent wines, cheese, meats, veggies, and patiserrie to the residents of Primrose Hill in 2020/2021. They've received positive response from customers and will continue to run this location as a deli and wine bar, where guests can sit, relax, and drink good wines paired with cheese and charcuterie dishes.

    Location: Bome Beach south of Bata

    Rate: 4.5
  3. L'Atelier ranks 3rd on the list of the best restaurants in Equatorial Guinea. L'Atelier New York, which initially opened in Paris' Saint-Germain neighborhood in 2003, and then in Tokyo the following year, is the late Chef Jol Robuchon's pioneering concept. With ten locations across the world, each restaurant feels authentically Parisian while drawing inspiration from the neighboring city and region, including New York's Meatpacking District. Chef Jol Robuchon's signature of transforming the simplest of dishes into something remarkable utilizing pure ingredients, faultless technique, and abundant inventiveness is reflected in the name L'Atelier, which refers to a craftsman's workshop. The restaurant's characteristic counter seating faces straight into the open kitchen, providing for a lively exchange between chef and diner as well as a peek into the creative process.

    The menu at L'Atelier is set up in such a way that customers can construct their own experience. A meal can be made up of small plates, appetizers, and entrées ordered à la carte. Alternatively, customers can choose from a variety of tasting menus created by the chefs. A 5-course "Menu Végétarien," a 4-course seasonal sampling with options for each dish, and a 10-course "Menu Evolution" are among the options.

    Location: Calle Waiso
    Rate: 4.5
  4. Babel Restaurant, housed in an old cow shed, is a wonderful mix of Cape Dutch architecture and contemporary glass walls, creating a simple yet edgy space in which to enjoy their delicious but frequently unusual combinations. They follow a farm-to-fork mentality, which means they prefer to serve seasonal fare that represents their "pick, clean, and serve" philosophy.

    This sleek restaurant is worth finding out, especially for lunch, despite the fact that it has no sign. The fish is delicious, and the bilolá, a local mollusk, is a must-try. Salads and wok-cooked tofu and vegetables make excellent starts. At dinner, it's a little less successful because not everything on the menu is accessible, and it's pretty expensive. There is a covered courtyard at the back for drinks, but no tables for eating.

    A fixed menu will be given to groups of 12 to 25 people, and a 50% deposit will be required to guarantee the reservation. Their menu changes with the seasons and is always influenced by what's in season in the garden. Guests can eat in the glass-enclosed restaurant or under the plane trees in the courtyard, depending on the weather. They offer private function venues accessible if you want to bring a larger party.

    Location: Calle Waiso, Malabo, opposite the Salesian School

    Rate: 4.1
  5. Finally the 5th place in the list of best restaurants in Equatorial Guinea is Bantu Restaurante. It provides exceptional service and the best Chinese cuisine. Nina, who speaks English, is the proprietor of this spacious, beautifully illuminated restaurant, which features the traditional red Chinese lanterns. There's a large Cantonese menu to choose from, including chop suey fried rice (CFA4500) and sizzling calamari (CFA8000). Malabo is home to a large Chinese population, and it is popular among both locals and expats.

    Bantu Restaurant Chino has nailed the formula for success, with its major criterion being good food and service. Nina, who is typically on hand to look after you in a delightful host fashion, leads the service, which is warm and kind. The safety and well-being of their guests and employees has always been paramount to them, and anyone dining at Bantu should anticipate a safe, clean, and secure environment.

    Location: Calle Mongomo, Malabo

    Rate: 4.0

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