Top 7 Best Restaurants In Liberia

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While Liberia isn't usually on anyone's list of must-see places in Costa Rica, it should be. The capital of the Guanacaste province serves as a gateway to Costa Rica's numerous natural beauties, and the city has some of the greatest culinary and beer selections in the country. Spend a few days in Liberia on the front or rear end of your next trip to Costa Rica and check out some of these local gems. Here are some of the Best Restaurants In Liberia.

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Masala Indian Restaurant

Liberia is hardly a city where you would expect to find an Indian restaurant, let alone the greatest in the country. But it's finally here! Begin with some crispy warm samosas, then go on to a robust tandoori meal or a sinus-clearing curry accompanied by a luscious slice of garlic naan. The original cuisines here come from all around India, with a focus on the north. Masala Indian Restaurant is dedicated to providing you with the finest Indian cuisine. You have a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Find a spot near you and remember it for your party, function, or simply getting together for a good time.

This is a one-of-a-kind jewel in Guanacaste. The owners are really intelligent and considerate. The chef is from India and is real. The food was delicious, and the service was excellent. It's a little more pricey than the neighborhood eateries, but it's well worth it if you want to eat authentic Indian food.

Location: Centro Comercial Bolbaldi, Frente Al Museo de Guanacaste, Liberia, Costa Rica

Tel: 506 4703 0477

Hours: 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
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Café Liberia

Cafe Liberia is located in a Costa Rican cultural historic site. It is one of Liberia's oldest homes. The home Zuniga Clachar is 150 years old and is included in the architectural register as an "EXCEPTIONAL HOUSE." Its interior design recalls nineteenth-century style. It is now a fantastic venue to eat good meals. This colonial-era structure has been meticulously repaired. It is decorated with wooden furnishings, and the frescoed ceilings add to the ambiance. While you're in the neighborhood, stop by this fantastic spot for rich coffee and gourmet cuisine. Sebastian, a French chef, studied to cook at the "Le Chateau" Professional Lyceum in France 25 years ago.

Café Liberia serves a wide range of foods. Homemade sweets, snacks such as sandwiches, ceviche, Kobe meat burgers, and salads are available. They also provide main dishes and a daily dish. There are various vegetarian options available at this restaurant. All of the meals are made using fresh ingredients. Café Liberia has a large assortment of 100 percent natural cocktails made with fresh tropical fruits from Costa Rica. You can try the juices of pineapple, orange, strawberry, and watermelon. They also serve handmade mixtures such as rabbit mix with carrot, orange, and ginger. You may also create your own mix.

Location: Calle Real, Liberia, Costa Rica

Tel: 506 2665 1660

Hours: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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Mariajuana Restaurante

The heavy oak furnishings and frescoed ceilings of this wonderfully renovated colonial-era building create a lovely environment for sipping rich coffee and gourmet meals. The patio features occasional live events, including a Latin dance party and BBQ on select Saturdays. In Mariajuana Restaurante, French chef Sebastien and his Tica wife Ligia have taken staple cuisine to new levels: super-fresh ceviche is served with warm, fresh-baked tortilla chips, and the lasagna and crepes are top-notch.

An indoor-outdoor gastropub festooned with African masks and cat-themed art. In other words, the perfect place to sip a regional Guanaca beer (made with local honey for a sweet finish) and snack on appetizers (US$7 to US$8) or substantial steak or seafood platters. Finish off a hot Guanacaste afternoon with a 'heart-attack sundae. Bonus points for the vegetarian and kids' menus, and don't miss the live music on Fridays.

Location: Plaza Santa Rosa, Liberia, Costa Rica

Tel: 506 2665 7217

Hours: 07:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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Posada Real Cafe

Posada Real Cafe is a stylish cafe (name pronounced 'How-ha') whose main attraction is unusual with its upscale atmosphere and sumptuous cuisine. The service is also first-rate. Look for wood-fired pizza, delicate grass-fed beef steaks, and burgers on home-baked buns. It is popular among local professionals, visitors, and ex-pats.

According to Adriana, coffee hour is when "the location shines out the most." The coffee is 100% Costa Rican, and they have partnerships with businesses such as Tamarindo Coffee Roasters. The staff prepares it at the table and gives you the option of what coffee to order and which of five preparation ways you choose. If you like tea, they offer gourmet selections that come with an hourglass so you know when to drink it. Green tea is my preferred beverage. It has a mild taste and aids digestion. Any drink may be paired with sweets such as Chilean cake or cheesecake with passion fruit topping. They plan to open the terrace shortly so that they can host outside events and expand the area.

Location: Calle Real, Guanacaste Province, Liberia, 50101, Costa Rica

Tel: 506 2665 0219

Hours: 08:00 AM – 19:00 PM
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Pizza Pronto

Liberia has a lot of restaurants for you to choose. Pizza Pronto is one of the famous places to eat and drink that tourists love when traveling in Liberia. Pizza Pronto, located just a few streets from Central Park, is highly recognized throughout town for its fresh, organically cultivated ingredients. Dine on the terrace beside the traditional Guanacastecan wood-fired ovens or inside the 100-year-old home at sturdy tables and rustic, wild west-style bar stools. Spend the extra money on a medium pizza, which is roughly twice the size of a small and only $1 more.

Pizza Pronto has excellent vegetarian alternatives; request fresh avocado slices on top. Pasta, salad, sandwiches, and cool beer are also available. Across from Flor de Liz, two blocks south and one block east of the park.This charming old-world pizzeria, where wood is stacked next to the smoking patio oven, keeps things romantic and simple — simply pizza, spaghetti, and salads. The pizzas are delicious, ranging from the vegetarian choice to the not-so-recommended taco pizza. You may select from a menu of more than 30 pizzas or design your own.Come here to enjoy many great dishes inspired by local cuisine in Liberia.

Location: Corner Of Av 4 & Calle 1 Liberia, Costa Rica

Tel: 506 2666 2098

Hours: 12:15 AM –22:05 PM
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El Callejero

El Callejero is a contemporary Asian restaurant, Oliversan's contemporary decor includes elegant furniture, beautiful marquis chairs, and melon hat lighting, creating a cozy environment and intimate, where guests can indulge not only with sumptuous decor but also with carefully crafted international dishes made with high-quality ingredients.

Bringing Persian culture to its two locations in Kuwait City, El Callejero provides the ultimate classical setting for guests to experience the culinary traditions of Persian and Iranian culinary arts. Surrounded by an eerie stained glass, visitors can enjoy a variety of Persian cuisine from cold and hot mezzes such as orhani badenjan, salads with lemon sauce, or savory vegetable stews Iranian traditions of bamiyeh and zabzi. Along with signature refreshments and excellent service, the El Callejero is the place to be with family and friends. These unique choices put this restaurant on the list of must-try restaurants in Kuwait.

Address: Calle 8 Avenida 1 y Avenida 3, Costado Oeste Del Parque Hector Zuniga Rovira, Liberia 50101 Costa Rica

Tel: 506 2665 1411

Hours: 11:00 AM - 21:00 PM
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Restaurante Casa Vieja La Buona Pizza

Aiming to offer fine fusion cuisine with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, Restaurante Casa Vieja La Buona Pizza offers the ultimate American experience with its location in one of Kuwait City's largest shopping malls. . When it comes to its menu, visitors can start with classic entrees like mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes. For the main course, Restaurante Casa Vieja La Buona Pizza offers a range of menu options like emperor burgers, lobster fireworks, or wood-fired pizza.

Due to its popularity, the restaurant and its terrace fill up quickly, so always book your reservation ahead of time. Showcasing the best of Lebanese cuisine, the venue offers a choice between a Lebanese buffet or à la carte dishes, each accompanied by freshly baked bread and ham zingy smoke. On the menu, guests can find local dishes such as better grilled shrimp or mouthwatering lamb pies, along with a range of Middle Eastern desserts.

Address: Barrio Los Angeles, 25 M Sur De La Iglesia Catolica, Liberia 50101 Costa Rica

Tel: 506 8718 8687

Hours: 4:45 PM - 10:00 PM

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