Top 7 Best Restaurants In Mauritania

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Mauritanian cuisine is straightforward, with meals mostly consisting of a lamb or goat meat served with rice or other grains such as maize meal or couscous. ... read more...

  1. TAFARIT sun house is one of the best restaurants in Mauritania and it is a restaurant located in Nouakchott. Every day, an exceptional selection of fresh fish (sea bream, thiof, turbot, courbine, red mullet, sole) with shellfish, herb, Indian, lemon, or flour sauces. But there's also zebu steak, camel bourguignon, and African chicken.What about the cocktail menu, which includes Madame Suave and Monsieur Gaillard?

    In TAFARIT sun house, all of this is presented against a backdrop of tents, sails, sand, and white and blue sofas. Remember to make a reservation, since this location has become a must-see, especially for visitors of the guest home. Behind its large white wall, you can enjoy here in a warm setting (in the room or on the terrace) quality Mediterranean cuisine, with grilled fish as a priority. Movies and screenings are also often the program.

    Address: 222 En Face Station Star du Stade Olympique

    Tel: 222 44 18 18 68
    Hours: See all hours

    Google Rating: 4.5/5.0

  2. Restaurant Al Fantasia ranks 2nd on the list of the best restaurants in Mauritania. From the thick menus, smoky interior, heavy decor, and equally weighty Spanish tortillas, Al Fantasia is traditionally Iberian throughout. Service is friendly (and Spanish or English is also spoken) and the mains, ranging from Argentinian steaks to seafood salad, are above average for the town. The front patio has several canopy-covered tables. Noteworthy for Nouâdhibou – and certainly for the country as a whole – beer, whiskey, rum, and vodka are served and available after the kitchen closes in the early morning.

    The restaurant space is quiet, gentle, and full of luxury with modern colors mixed with green trees, creating a very friendly feeling. The restaurant has private small corners for couples, beautiful view dining tables for groups of friends or partners, and long tables for family reunions. The food in Restaurant Al Fantasia is very delicious, light, and charming. Seafood is a favorite dish of many diners when coming to the restaurant. Wide range of drinks with a variety of white, red, champagne, and fruit cocktails. The staff is very agile, and polite but still ensures a comfortable friendliness with guests.

    Address: Avenue du Palais des Congres, Nouakchott Mauritania

    Tel: 222 47 60 13 13

    Hours: See all hours


    Google Rating: 4.5/5.0

  3. In A Casa Portuguesa, you can choose from a vast and varied menu of main courses on the whiteboard, which includes anything from great steaks and burgers to simple pasta bolognese. This Lebanese-owned establishment's San Francisco theme is limited to the name and some tangentially related Western-themed decor. Expanded and slightly upgraded from its previous hole-in-the-wall status, A Casa Portuguesa, which can still claim to be Nouakchott's oldest restaurant, is a solid choice for big portions of fast food. Tuck into a cheese omelet sandwich, a plate of well-prepared shwarma (a kebablike dish), salads, and ice cream – all great value.

    In addition, this place is as down-at-heel as it gets, serving up great quantities of rice, fish, and Senegalese mafé. It's always busy, and the food is piping hot and delicious. From the rond-point head down the Chinguetti road for a block, then turn left. This place is on the right-hand corner, marked by a tiny sign.

    Address: 581 Tevrah Zegna A, Nouakchott 22581 Mauritania

    Tel: 222 36 34 79 86

    Hours: See all hours

    Google Rating: 4.0/5.0

  4. Le Maquis Restaurant ranks 4th on the list of the best restaurants in Mauritania. This establishment is as down-to-earth as they get, offering you copious amounts of rice, fish, and Senegalese mafé. It's usually bustling, and the food is always hot and tasty. Turn left about a block along the Chinguetti road from the rond-point. This location is denoted by a little sign on the right-hand corner.

    In Le Maquis Restaurant, speedy service, decent cappuccinos, and a good selection of pastries make this place a popular, albeit poorly lit, spot for business meetings. At any other time of day, you can grab a pizza or sandwich for a quick filler or grilled fish and brochettes (kebabs) for something more substantial. Furthermore, easily the restaurant with the best atmosphere in the city, Le Maquis is located in the shady front courtyard of Maison d'Hôtes Jeloua. Daily specials like vegetable quiche and a menu of beef, chicken, shrimp, and lobster (order 24 hours in advance).

    Address: Rue Benhmeida, Nouakchott Mauritania

    Tel: 222 36 40 51 05

    Hours: See all hours

    Google Rating: 4.5/5.0

  5. Le Manara Restaurant is Nouakchott's largest and most extensive food shop. It is located northeast of the city center, making it inconvenient for short-term visitors. Groups gather in the pleasant back patio courtyard for a meal and hookah. Le Manara Restaurant has a fairly large menu, with above-average pizzas. The city's largest and prettiest grocery, featuring an upstairs café where regulars go for coffee, pastries, and to watch football games on television.

    Despite the name, this is a good-value restaurant serving chicken and shwarma with fries and a small salad. A few street-front benches provide a great site for people- and, more typically, vehicle-watching if you can bear the sun. Known for its well-prepared seafood which you can hand-pick from a tank (lobster runs around UM6000) in a sunny, slightly tattered dining room. Live music Friday nights adds a lovely, if rare for Nouakchott, soundtrack to your meal. Above-average seafood and more-standard meat and chicken dishes; are located inside the Italian-owned Hotel Mauritania.

    Address: Route des Ambassades, Nouakchott Mauritania

    Tel: 222 43 80 80 80

    Hours: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM

    Google Rating: 4.0/5.0

  6. Frisco or Le Frisco Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Mauritania. The restaurant has a pretty small space. Bring a decor style like in basic European shops, with blue tables and chairs creating a quite pleasant and pleasing atmosphere.

    Frisco or Le Frisco specializes in middle eastern cuisine. With a special rich menu and each dish is modified from Shay, with a personal style, familiar but strange, strange but familiar. The most unique is still the egg dish and falafel made with chickpeas (chicken beans). Boiled quail eggs are normal, but eating them with bacon is delicious. Falafel eats strangely, when eaten, squeeze a little yellow lemon on it, making the dish look more attractive than ever.

    In Frisco or Le Frisco, you can slowly simmer the tomatoes, basil, vegetable stock, real cream, spices, and butter and blend carefully to create our famous and utterly addictive soup. Do you need a venue for your next pow-wow? Their warmly lighted party space is available for client dinners, birthday celebrations, and any other celebration! You can rest while having fun, thanks to buffet-style eating and tasty food alternatives. Please call ahead to see if there are any openings!

    Address: Rue du monotel, Nouakchott Mauritania

    Tel: 222 45 25 43 42

    Hours: 08:00 AM - 01:00 AM


    Google Rating: 4.0/5.0

  7. Galloufa ranks 7th on the list of the best restaurants in Mauritania. If you are a fan of Spanish cuisine, you definitely cannot miss Galloufa Restaurant. Coming to this place, diners can also enjoy delicious and nutritious Spanish dishes. It's hard to resist the attractive dishes from the smell, hearing to taste. All these things have made Galloufa Restaurant worthy of being frequented by diners to enjoy their meals.

    In addition, the restaurant also owns a large number of professional chefs, with many years of experience in kitchen work in Europe. This team will always satisfy diners, even the most demanding guests. In addition, Galloufa always creates new dishes, to refresh the experience for users. If you come in the right time frame, you can also enjoy the delicious seafood Paella rice dish of Spain in a giant pan for free!

    Address: No 7 Boulevard Maritime, Nouadhibou Mauritania

    Tel: 222 22 16 87 79

    Hours: See all hours

    Google Rating: 4.0/5.0

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