Top 7 Best Restaurants in Djibouti

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Cooking in Djibouti is inspired by a range of international cuisines, however, many popular dishes have distinct local characteristics. Some of the country's ... read more...

  1. Melting Pot is widely known as the best restaurant in Djibouti. If you have a hankering for sashimi or yakitori and are in Djibouti, come to Melting Pot for real Japanese cuisine. French classics, burgers, and camel steak (yep!) are also on the menu. Another allure is the environment, which includes a gorgeously overgrown garden. Îlot du Héron, it's nestled away on a little side street. Coming to Melting Pot Restaurant, it is impossible not to enjoy the dishes that have made this restaurant famous such as Japanese abalone Sashimi, grilled American beef ribs with black pepper sauce, and grilled fresh oysters with smoked meat, etc.

    Melting Pot is a Japanese restaurant with a fairly simple style but very popular with customers because of the quality of the food and the extremely reasonable price. Coming to Melting Pot restaurant, you must definitely enjoy the delicious traditional Gyudon rice dish loved by many diners.

    Address: Rue Bernard Heron, Djibouti dj100, Djibouti

    Hours: 11:00 AM - 11:30 PM

    Tel: 253 21 35 03 99

    Google Rating: 4.0/5.0

  2. The 2nd restaurant on the list of the best restaurants in Djibouti is Café de la Gare . It's a joy to eat at this upmarket gourmet restaurant. Café de la Gare is well-known for its exquisite French-inspired food with a nod to local products, and the attractive dining area is designed with earthy tones and stylish furnishings. Magret aux girolles (duck with mushrooms), beefsteak, and king prawns are among the highlights. Upstairs, there's also a cozy cocktail bar.

    The atmosphere here is always warm thanks to the artistic decor of the restaurant. The space is filled with velvet and bronze benches, carved glass panels, marble columns, and a bar, giving diners a comfortable feeling. You can find French classics here. The dishes are always updated and served elegantly and thoughtfully. In particular, the lunch menu is a particularly reasonable offering. Come here and enjoy your meal in Café de la Gare.

    Location: J533+G3P, Djibouti

    Hours: 12:30 PM - 22:30 PM
    Tel: 253 21 35 15 30

    Google Rating: 4.5/5.0

  3. The decisive factor in the success of the La Mer Rouge brand is not only the space or the service but the source of fresh seafood and the chef's cooking skills. The chef here always makes diners surprised and impressed by the great combination of fresh seafood and spices. From the simplest dishes such as frying and stir-frying to the complexities of combining European ingredients. The cuisine is based on whatever is washed up on the quayside. Choose the gambas feta (king prawns with feta cheese) or a supersized seafood platter if they're on sale. It is close to the airport.

    La Mer Rouge is an extremely luxurious seafood restaurant in Djibouti, with a direct view of the sea, so it will surely captivate anyone when first coming here. Moreover, the food is considered to be very delicious, suitable for many people's tastes. La Mer Rouge Restaurant will be the ideal destination for you to enjoy seafood with friends and family while watching the sunset in the sea.

    Address: Ambouli Street Nelson Mandela, Djibouti dj100 Djibouti

    Hours: 11:00 AM - 11:45 PM


    Tel: 253 21 34 00 05

    Google Rating: 4.0/5.0

  4. As one of the most upscale French restaurants in Djibouti, Moonlight offers diners luxurious French dishes that no other restaurant can have. You will have the opportunity to taste famous dishes prepared by the superstar chefs of Djibouti restaurant. It is special to see firsthand the chef's process of creating delicious dishes, in a joyful and bustling atmosphere. Moreover, the restaurant also has a very rich fresh seafood counter and comes with a new doorless wine fridge.

    Moonlight's menu is memorable not only with attractive main dishes but also beautiful desserts that also make diners satisfied. When you come there, you will be attracted by the high-class menu, and you will certainly be impressed with the special dishes that not all restaurants have. The dishes are carefully selected and selected from each person's taste to bring you the best dishes.

    Location: Rue de Venice, Djibouti Djibouti

    Hours: See all hours

    Tel: 253 21 34 20 63

    Google Rating: 4.0/5.0
  5. Top 5


    Kokeb is the leading Premium Seafood Buffet restaurant in Djibouti committed to food quality of 100% natural origin, no additives affecting health, all food is tested under strict process. Kokeb Restaurant is the destination of many corporate customers, food lovers, and families who want to enjoy delicious food in a modern space. You can also taste the Korean Oliver halibut filleted as Sashimi, the fish fins and skin are deep-fried to golden yellow, extremely delicious, and the sour soup comes from the head and the fish bones are sweet and attractive.

    Next are the squids such as egg squid, leaf squid, and jumping squid that is still alive in the tank depending on your choice. Squid rice is extremely fresh, fleshy but very sweet. Especially must mention the high-class seafood such as king crab, Alaska crab, and Alaska shrimp. Every seafood dish you love can be on your table.

    Address: Rue De Marseille face à l' Hotel des Impots, Djibouti Djibouti

    Hours: 12:00 PM -11:30 PM

    Tel: 253 21 35 04 10

    Google Rating: 4.0/5.0

  6. Moukbasa National is the oldest Indian restaurant in Djibouti. This restaurant guarantees to bring the best Indian cuisine to diners. Most of the time, the restaurant always selects the best Indian dishes to serve customers. Dishes such as spicy curry, garlic butter cheesecake, Masala tea, etc. are all unique and strange dishes, but still suitable for diners' taste. Especially spicy curries will be very spicy, so diners who can't eat spicily can order another curry. The teas at the restaurant are always very fragrant and unique, very pleasant to drink. In addition, The ingredients here are carefully selected and meticulously processed by the chefs. Especially the Indian naan. When eaten, the naan cake is very crispy, not too sick to eat, when eaten with a very delicious sauce.

    Moukbasa National owns a spacious space, impressed by the classic decoration. The manager is an Indian, so he has more knowledge of the dish and gives psychological advice to diners. Moukbasa National will always make you satisfied both in terms of quality and price of the food.

    Location: Ave 13, Djibouti

    Hours: 09:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    Tel: 253 77 85 45 28

    Google Rating: 4.5/5.0

  7. Le Santal ranks 7th on the list of the best restaurants in Djibouti. The restaurant has an extremely large menu for Indian dishes and especially the vegetarian options are quite extensive – a paradise for seekers of Indian vegetarian food in Djibouti. The ambiance is vibrant with alluring interior decorations making it one of the best Indian restaurants in Djibouti.

    The food at Le Santal Restaurant is prepared by a team of chefs who are knowledgeable about Indian cuisine and are proficient in the use of spices, creating an unmistakable distinctive flavor. In addition, each dish is beautifully decorated, creating a more appetizing feeling for the diners. Le Santal Restaurant is not only about business but also to deliver what customers love like Indian food, beautiful designs, hospitality, and love for Djibouti. A luxurious, airy, and spacious space, beautifully decorated with elegant tables and chairs in elegant colors will surely bring you a comfortable feeling when enjoying food.

    Location: Rue de Bender, Djibouti

    Hours: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

    Tel: 253 21 35 37 91

    Google Rating: 4.3/5.0

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