Top 7 Best Restaurants In Moldova

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Moldova is most known for its delivery in the Europe region. You didn't know what to anticipate from Chisinau's food and wine before visiting Moldova. Getting ... read more...

  1. La Placinte is a must-visit for anybody looking for real Moldovan cuisine. These men own a number of restaurants in Chisinau. The food they provide is a fantastic reflection of national cuisine, with the Placinta being the primary attraction. A placinta is a type of pie with a variety of fillings including cottage cheese (brinza), cabbage, beef, and even onions. It is unquestionably a must-do activity while in Chisinau. This establishment is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and welcomes both residents and visitors. In La Placinte Restaurant, they serve a wide range of foods and are well-known throughout town for its Soviet-era design. It is unquestionably a location that should not be overlooked.

    This chain restaurant is an ideal spot to experience local cuisine because it serves a variety of delectable Moldavian meals at reasonable costs. You may sample their famed pies, soups, and delicacies like as mamaliga, sarmale, and mici, which are popular with tourists and residents alike. It's a great spot for a quiet supper with your family and kids because their menu contains images and the service is outstanding.


    Tel: 373 22 211 211

    Hours: 10:15 AM - 10:15 PM

    Address: Bd-ul Mamaia 174, Chisinau 2068 Moldova

  2. Jeraffe ranks 2nd on the list of the best restaurants in Moldova. Restaurant Jeraffe is happy to arrange food delivery of various dishes, sushi, desserts, and much more. This well-known traditional restaurant is one of the greatest spots in Chisinau to sample exquisite food. This restaurant will rapidly become one of your favorite hangout spots in the city, with cuisine produced with only the finest local ingredients and an environment designed in the gorgeous Moldovan style. The live music, as well as the really kind personnel, are also a plus.

    In Jeraffe , this wonderful establishment features gorgeous old-world decor, consistently friendly personnel, and a duo strumming traditional Moldovan instruments at night. A broad menu of creatively prepared meats – think stewed pig with mǎmǎligǎ (boiled cornmeal), baked rabbit, and grilled fish, not to mention varenyky (Ukrainian dumplings) and plǎcintǎ (stuffed pastries) – may entice customers to return. Hope you and your family have a nice experience in this best restaurant!

    Tel: 373 22 500 757

    Hours: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM

    Address: Strada Ismail 84, Chișinău, Moldova

  3. Popasul Dacilor is one of the best famous restaurants in Moldova. It will not fail you whether you wish to eat Moldovan rustic food, listen to local musicians, or spend your day in a classic Moldovan atmosphere. This renowned restaurant in the city's center serves all of Chisinau's must-try dishes, all of which are produced using ingredients from local and regional farmers. Make sure to taste the cheese or cabbage-filled local pie!

    This well-known traditional restaurant is one of the greatest venues in Chisinau to enjoy exquisite cuisine. This restaurant will rapidly become one of your favorite hangout spots in the city, with meals produced with only the freshest local ingredients and an environment furnished in the traditional Moldovan manner. The live music is also a highlight, as is the really kind personnel. Come here and enjoy your meal in Popasul Dacilor Restaurant!


    Tel: 373 691 50 543

    Hours: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

    Address: Valea Crucii St 13, Chișinău, Moldova

  4. Pegas Terrace & Restaurant is one of Chisinau's most well-known eateries. It serves the most delectable meals and provides the greatest service possible. Its cuisine features a unique blend of European and traditional fare. The "beef medallions" and the creamy spinach soup are suggested.

    Whether you want to taste Moldovan rustic food, listen to local musicians, or spend your day in a traditional Moldovan ambiance, Pegas Terrace & Restaurant will not disappoint. This well-known restaurant in the city's center provides all of Chisinau's must-try meals, all of which are made using local and regionally sourced products. Make a point of trying the local cheese or cabbage-filled pie! Pegas Terrace & Restaurant has a romantic and sophisticated space, every smallest detail is cleverly arranged. This place has been loved by many diners and is voted the most beautiful European restaurant in Moldova. Have a wonderful experience!


    Tel: Pegas Terrace & Restaurant

    Hours: 08:00 AM - 11:45 PM

    Address: Albisoara 20 1, Chisinau 2001 Moldova

  5. Kumanyok Shinok Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Moldova. This restaurant impresses diners with its luxurious space and ancient architecture. Moreover, the enthusiastic and attentive service style of the staff always makes customers satisfied. Kumanyok Shinok's dishes are always carefully prepared to bring great taste to diners. Typical dishes include Pita sandwiches with Norwegian smoked salmon, Mexican cornbread Nachos, imported beef steak, and fine Italian pasta. In addition to delicious, European-standard food, you can also enjoy quality wines from around the world, especially premium Margaritas.

    Kumanyok Shinok Restaurant has three separate zones. The ground floor is decorated with a modern bar with a vibrant atmosphere under shimmering lights. The 2nd and 3rd floors are elegant, cozy but no less luxurious dining rooms. In particular, there is a separate VIP area "The Boardroom", located on the 4th floor for meetings, talks, or media events.


    Tel: 373 533 51 616

    Hours: 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM

    Address: Strada Sverdlov, 37, Tiraspol Moldova

  6. A pleasant culinary pub in the Petrogradsky area with an affordable menu of gastronomically fascinating and non-trivial meals. They also selected exceptional wines and artisan beers with care and consideration. On Fridays and Saturdays, the DJs rise to the unique balcony above the bar to give your evening that additional kick.

    The Gastrobar Restaurant attracts diners with good quality European dishes at affordable prices. Located in a classic English-style villa, this European-style restaurant in Moldova is ideal for couples looking for a quiet place to date and talk. The plus point of this restaurant is the professionalism of the staff. They are both enthusiastic, and constantly advise and suggest dishes that suit the needs of guests. The highlight of Gastrobar is the combination trays for diners to choose from. This type of tray is suitable for those traveling with a family or a large group of people. A set usually has steak, salad, garlic butter toast, potatoes, and rich dipping sauce. If you are looking for the best place to enjoy European cuisine, don't miss this address.

    Tel: 373 689 06 545

    Hours: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

    Address: Bernardazzi St., 66 intersection Vlaicu Pârcălab street, Chisinau 2009 Moldova

  7. La Taifas Restaurant is a good venue to experience classic Moldovan favorites like plǎcinte (stuffed pastries – order them with brânză, or ewes' milk cheese); zeamă (chicken soup); and Moldova-style steak with mǎmǎligǎ (boiled cornmeal). By night, a folk group adds to the mood. In addition, La Taifas is also one of the most popular European restaurants in Moldova. The layout in this restaurant is extremely meticulous, delicate, and full of Western-style. Currently, this is also one of the romantic restaurants in Moldova chosen by many couples.

    It can be said that this place is the perfect combination between light and romantic spaces with unique and luxurious European dishes. The food at La Taifas Restaurant is extremely rich, attractive, and affordable. Steak is the main dish of the restaurant. At the restaurant, steak is made from a variety of meats such as venison, lamb, and high-grade ostrich meat imported from Australia and the US.

    Facebook :

    Tel: 373 685 10 002

    Hours: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

    Address: Pușkin, 20B, Chisinau 2012 Moldova

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