Top 10 Best Steakhouse Restaurant Chains

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Steakhouses are places of luxury and of course, they can also be more casual affairs with families and friends gathered around heaping platters of meat. ... read more...

  1. Benihana is an American restaurant chain founded in 1964 in New York City by Hiroaki Aoki and headquartered in Aventura, Florida. It owns or franchises 116 Japanese-inspired restaurants worldwide, including its flagship Benihana Teppanyaki brand, as well as the Haru (fusion cuisine) and RA Sushi restaurants. Benihana is an unforgettable dining experience. Fresh ingredients are expertly prepared by the chef. The waiters are pleasant and helpful. Its locations can be found in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

    Benihana manages to balance special-occasion showmanship with undeniably delicious offerings. The mushroom-grilled hibachi is a made-to-order highlight of a menu that answers "surf & turf" with "sushi & steak". It also has teriyaki steak with thinly sliced steak, scallions, and mushrooms grilled in a homemade teriyaki sauce and Hibachi steak which is New York strip steak and mushrooms hibachi grilled to your specification. In addition, it has many other dishes related to seafood, chicken, noodle, sushi, and sashimi,...


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  2. Black Rock Bar & Grill, an award-winning steakhouse specializing in Certified Angus Beef, serves steaks to you on a 755-degree volcanic sizzling rock. This is essentially caveman Korean BBQ, and the stone allows you to cook your own Angus steak (or lobster, tuna, scallops, or baby backs). This cooking technique is the most recent culinary craze. It creates a memorable dining experience, making Black Rock an excellent choice for both special occasions and everyday dining with friends and family. Its locations can be found in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, and Ohio.

    The "sizzle experience" has made the Black Rock Restaurants famous, but their menus are very unique and diverse. There's something for everyone to experience and enjoy, from their tasty appetizers, fresh healthy salads, unique handhelds, and burger creations, to their delicious land and sea offerings, and, of course, their Sizzling Black Rock items. Black Rock's entertaining and unique dining experience, flexible seating, and delicious menu items will make you the ultimate group dining destination. Walk-in seating is available for groups of all sizes, but call-ahead priority seating is also available for parties of any size. Whether it's a birthday, a group of friends meeting up, a farewell party, or any other occasion, Black Rock can accommodate you with their private rooms or large-area group seating.


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  3. Fogo de Chao is a full-service Brazilian steakhouse or churrascaria that serves rodizio-style steaks. In 1979, Fogo opened its first location in Brazil. It features roving waiters who serve barbecued meats directly onto the plates of seated diners from large skewers. The staff and managers are courteous and professional. The menu is extensive, ranging from meat to seafood to desserts (papaya cream, key lime pie, passion fruit mousse,...).

    The restaurant follows the churrascaria style, in which meats are skewered on large, lance-like skewers and roasted over a fire. Throughout the meal, well-dressed servers will circle the table like heavily armed dim-sum cart operators, offering steaks, chicken, and sausages, which are then carved directly onto your plate in a manner similar to watching a street vendor carve a gyro, except this is high-end steak. The signature pichana, a tender, salted, thin-sliced sirloin that folds over to slightly resemble a heart on a skewer, is available as the Gauchos make their rounds. You also can go all-in with the full all-you-can-eat model, which allows you to get into bacon-wrapped steak, pork loin, and chili-spiked sausages, plus a trip to the market table full of charcuterie, cheese, and veggies.


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  4. Mastro's Restaurants is a collection of sophisticated, classic steakhouses and sumptuous fish houses that has been consistently hailed by diners and critics alike as "masterful", "high end", one of the "top 10 steakhouses in the United States", and "the preferred steakhouse of celebs and locals". Mastro's sophisticated steakhouses and Ocean Club Seafood locations are known for providing world-class service, highly acclaimed cuisine, and live entertainment in an elegant, energetic setting. Mastro's has an upscale dress code that must be followed. It offers a positive, safe, and supportive work environment where hospitality-minded employees are developed, trained, and rewarded. Its locations can be found in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Texas, and Washington DC.

    When it comes to getting opulent in style, Mastro's is about as old-school as it gets. This is a formal-dress-only establishment with dim, arty overhead lights, live music most nights, and a penchant for barrel-aged brown liquor. Its steaks and chops feature a Japanese A5 wagyu, bone-in Kansas City strip, and other location-specific specialties, all of which are wet-aged to maximize flavor and many of which are carved tableside so you can cut your own steak. This is also a place that takes its sides and apps seriously, with dozens to choose from, though skip the steak sashimi, escargot, or lobster cocktail and a massive seafood tower populated with chilled shellfish.


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  5. Morton's The Steakhouse is a chain of steakhouses based in the United States and franchised internationally that was founded in Chicago in 1978. It is a Landry's wholly-owned subsidiary. Arnold J. Morton and Klaus Fritsch co-founded Morton's in 1978. The Morton's ambiance is unparalleled, with a true blend of classic and contemporary. From their inventive cocktail culture, which fuels a thriving bar scene, to their elegant, sophisticated dining rooms, which welcome guests for business, pleasure, and special events. They keep the buzz going at Morton's.

    They are constantly developing new dishes to cater to all tastes. Dry-aged bone-in Kansas City strip, wagyu filet Rossini, Maine lobster ravioli, and baked corn soufflé are among the dishes on the menu. Morton's has used the same suppliers for aged Prime beef and other meat since its inception. They choose the best cuts from their inventory, and if they don't meet Morton's standards, they don't get cut for their steaks.


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  6. The Palm's original location was a New York institution for nearly nine decades, one of those classic steakhouses where the host greeted you like family and rich history was all over the walls, given the place had a tradition of commissioning artists to draw caricatures of local luminaries on the walls of its otherwise very high-end institution. And, as it has grown into a fine-dining empire, the tradition has been carried on in each location, and that attention to local history, combined with top-notch, fine-dining-with-a-hug hospitality, has allowed it to become both hyper-local and internationally renowned. You can find it in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, DC.

    Landry's has spent countless hours over the years sourcing the world's finest ingredients to prepare for you in their restaurants. The steaks are spectacular, aged for at least 35 days and ranging from petite filets to a massive double-cut New York strip, which is sliced tableside as God intended. Seafood is also popular here, though the extremely chef-driven menu includes less-aggressive seafood accompaniments such as Maryland-style lump crab cakes. There are also duck fat-roasted fingerlings, bacon strips, hash browns, and toast,... The Palm has a strictly enforced upscale dress code. They do not permit beachwear or gym wear, such as sweatpants, sweatshirts, or hoodies. Athletic clothing, jerseys, hats, beanies, bandanas, ball caps, oversized or baggy clothing, tank tops, and sleeveless shirts are not allowed. There will be no excessively revealing clothing allowed. Clothing emitting offensive odors are not permitted to be worn anywhere on the property. The waiters and service are great.


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  7. Opened in 1963, Ruth's Chris has expanded to pretty much every state and set flags abroad, bringing a fine-dining swagger wherever it goes and offering proof that you don't need to skip the pomp just because your circumstances have led to an international steakhouse empire. Here, white tablecloths and valets set the mood for a steakhouse experience that frequently catapults Ruth into the top-tier of restaurant experiences in many of its cities.

    Your last bite at Ruth's Chris is just as good as your first. Their refined broiling technique and seasoning techniques ensure that each USDA Prime beef cut they serve is cooked to perfection and sizzling on a 500° plate. From the New York strip to the signature filet, the steaks are works of butter-soaked meat art. It also has a filet, an 11 oz cut of tender, corn-fed midwestern beef, and a petite filet, an 8 oz filet with the same incredible cut as the classic. The Crab Stack is a magnificent pile of citrus and blue crab that serves as both a palate cleanser and a bar-setter. And the Porterhouse for Two is a must-have for any carnivorous date night, a massive, beautifully marbled steak carved table side and intended to share.


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  8. Shanahan’s on the Green strikes the perfect balance of elegance and comfort, combining a creative and sumptuous menu, excellent service, and the welcoming hospitality of the Irish. Traditional steak in Dublin, the freshest Irish native seafood, surf and turf in Dublin, hearty side dishes, exquisite pastries, and fine wines are all available. Shanahan's provides premier dining with the highest standards of service in a relaxed setting that makes the patron feel at ease. Shanahan's, an American-style steakhouse in Dublin, is an enticing fusion of the best of American and Irish culture and history. Original historical documents and mementos from each of America's Presidents of Irish ancestry are on display in the restaurant's downstairs bar, aptly named 'The Oval Offic'. In the dining and private rooms, patrons can experience the beauty of Irish workmanship and craft, both through the building’s Georgian heritage and in the modern touches to its interior.

    The steaks are all certified grass-fed Irish Angus and cooked to pink perfection in a special broiler. Starters and sides include old favorites like shrimp cocktail, crispy fried onions, and boiled potatoes, as well as excellent Irish smoked salmon. Shanahan's does the classic steakhouse proud; The Dubliner, The Independent, and The Irish Times have all named it one of the best restaurants in Dublin.


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  9. La Cabrera serves the best Argentine meat, excellent wines, and a variety of side dishes that are specially prepared for each dish and served in small casseroles. It is not just another grill; the intention is for those who visit, both Argentines and tourists, to have a one-of-a-kind experience. The porteños identify themselves, and the foreigners are taken aback. La Cabrera established itself as a cult grill, one of the best in the city, in the land of the cows. There are no gauchos or folkloric elements here, but the best Argentine meat, excellent wines, and a selection of side dishes, specially prepared for each dish and served in small pots.

    The steaks here are tasty and tender, with a pleasant consistency. It goes well with salads, potatoes, and a glass of good malbec. Loin brochette with onion, bell peppers, and smoked bacon has a delicious flavor and is an excellent way to combine meat and vegetables. The combination of this type of food and its cooking over coals gives it a distinct flavor and takes the diner on an unforgettable journey. It also serves salads, homemade pasta, and desserts.


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  10. Aragawa is a charcoal-grilled steakhouse that was established in 1967. With all their heart and soul, they carefully select the highest quality and rare pure-bred Tajima beef raised by a trusted producer, and they continue to grill Japan's highest peak kiln charcoal-grilled steak. They will entertain you with natural dishes and fine wines. Only purebred breeds raised under strict control are used for Tajima cattle, which is specially selected for Aragawa. A kiln that represents Aragawa and has been replenished with ash since its inception. Nature's gifts are perfectly balanced, and the specially selected Tajima beef charcoal-grilled steak, seasonal ingredients, and the skill and sense of the craftsmen's feast bring out the flavor of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Sanda beef is raised for 28 months in Japan's Hyōgo Prefecture, which is known for the high quality of its cattle, and then cooked in a special oven over binchōtan hardwood. There is a perfect balance of lean and fat taste with fine bones, low subcutaneous fat, and good muscle fiber. The meat is fine, with distinct umami and sweetness, and the fat has umami as well, giving it a rich flavor. It also has conger eel charcoal-grilled horsehair crab and dried figs with mascarpone and caviar, sautéed abalone, blue seaweed, and untan sauce Makomodake, mini asparagus, mini carrot, mini radish, button shrimp and fig fruit salad Tailored wasabi green shellfish endive red chicory yellow tomato,... In addition, Aragawa is not only one of the best restaurants in Japan but in Asia.


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