Top 5 Highest Mountains In Timor-Leste

  1. Top 1 Ramelau
  2. Top 2 Matebian
  3. Top 3 Mundo Perdido
  4. Top 4 Manucoco
  5. Top 5 Oecusse

Top 5 Highest Mountains In Timor-Leste

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Timor Leste not only has stunning beaches, friendly locals, and a network of tracks crisscrossing the entire country but also has spectacular mountains. If you ... read more...

  1. Mt. Ramelau, Timor-tallest Leste's summit at 2963 meters and the roof of Central Timor, is a must-see for hikers. The sunrise over Timor-Leste is a spectacle not to be missed from the summit. The journey begins with a three-hour tough rise from Hato Builico, a highland town (at 1900 meters). Hiring a local guide for the trek is suggested, since it may be coupled with a visit to the surrounding hills, as well as nearby secluded ethnic settlements and religious places.

    The top of the mountain is marked with a 3m-high statue of the Virgin Mary, which plays a significant part in Timorese culture and worship. Every year on the 7th of October, Timorese from all across the country gather here to thank God and think positive thoughts.

    Mount Ramelau is a popular tourist destination in East Timor. If you are planning to travel to East Timor on your own or book a tour of East Timor, you can visit this place.

    Height: 2,963 meters
    : Ermera province, East Timor

    Photo: Bobby Anderson
    Photo: Bobby Anderson

  2. This range is formed by limestone and is located about 20 kilometers southeast of Baucau. Although lower than those in the Ramelau area, the climb here is longer to the 2377 meters summit of Matebean Mane, the largest and southernmost of the two Matebean Mountains.

    These mountains, which are arguably the most difficult high mountains in Timor, are the source of rivers that run to the south and north coasts. The name means "Death Mountain," and it was one of the final Fretilin strongholds during the Indonesian takeover wave of 1978.

    The hike is moderate to difficult and may be completed in two or three days, or as separate one-day treks with overnight stays in the high mountain settlements of Afaloeki, Ossuna, or Quelicai. The latter is the starting point for a popular pilgrimage path up the summit between August and October. So you must to visit Matebian to have the best experiences!

    Height: 2.316 meters

    Location: Baucau District.
  3. Another of the country’s highlights is Mundo Perdido with 1775 meters. Mundo Perdido is set within the district of Viqueque, a town yet to develop, situated on the South coast a good 5 hours drive from Dili. The trail begins between the towns of Loi Huno and Ossu and passes through the Baucau and Viqueque districts. Mundo Perdido is home to one of the country's largest rainforests, as well as a variety of bird and animal species.

    The little village of Ossu, which sits at the base of Mt. Mundo Perdido, which translated to "Lost World", is a picturesque spot with a Portuguese character. Many Timorese students from all around Portuguese Timor used to attend Ossu's ancient Catholic institution. The town boasts a lovely church and great views. Waterfalls and caverns are strewn across this cold temperature and evergreen countryside, giving excellent hiking and walking opportunities.

    The climb to Mundo Perdido is a strenuous trip that takes around 4-5 hours up and down, and you will need to hire a guide to help you.

    Height: 1775 meters

    Location: Viqueque District

    Eco Discovery
    Eco Discovery
  4. Manucoco, also referred to as Gunung Manucoco or Mount Manucoco, is a mountain in the Atauro Island subdistrict of the Dili District of East Timor. It stands near the southern end of Atauro Island, at the western end of Wetar Strait, some 25 km (16 minutes) north of Dili, the nation's capital. It is home to 8000 people, most of whom live in two communities on the island's eastern side. Because there are few motor vehicles on the island, it is ideal for trekking and animal discovery.

    The island's rough morphology is the consequence of the erosion of elevated, previously submerged volcanoes from the Neogene epoch, which created narrow, dissected ridges and steep slopes, with Manucoco constituting the highest point. Patches of tropical semi-evergreen mountain forests may still be found in protected valleys at the top elevations of the mountain (above a height of 995 m (3,264 ft)), spanning around 40 km2. BirdLife International has designated the peak, as well as the entire island of Atauro, as an Important Bird Area because it supports populations of numerous restricted-range native bird species found in Timor and Wetar.

    Height: 995 meters

    Location: Atauro Island
  5. Very few travelers visit this tranquil Timorese enclave, called Oecussi Ambeno, which is an overnight ferry trip west of Dili. Located on the north coast, It has a population of over 50,000 people and covers 27,000 square kilometers.

    There are vast hiking areas to explore in this enclave, including caves. The mountains here are exceedingly abrupt, made primarily of cemented conglomerate rock in various states of weathering, and trekking in the region necessitates the use of more professional hiking gear.

    With over 1,200 meters, Mt. Manoleu and Mt. Sapo are the tallest mountains in this region. The settlement of Kutet, located three hours south of Oecussi town and nestled beneath the main mountain peaks, is a good base for exploring the mountains, climbing to the summits, scaling some of the rock faces, and exploring the caves. It is definitely the best place you must to visit when traveling to Timor-Leste.

    Height: Over 1,200 meters

    Location: Oecusse


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