Top 3 Highest Mountains in Burundi

  1. Top 1 Mount Heha
  2. Top 2 Umusozi Teza
  3. Top 3 Umusozi Twinyoni

Top 3 Highest Mountains in Burundi

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Burundi's geography, known as "the Heart of Africa," is characterized by wooded steep sides that decrease to the east to produce a flat plateau covered with ... read more...

  1. Mount Heha is Burundi's tallest peak and the highest point in the Burundi Highlands mountain range. It is located in the Bujumbura Rural region of Burundi, some 20 kilometers east of Lake Tanganyika and about 30 kilometers southeast of Bujumbura, the country's main city and former capital.

    Some accounts claim that Mount Heha is the real source of the Nile River. It's a steep, wooded hill in central Burundi with decent routes almost all the way to the peak and purportedly boasts views of Lake Tanganyika from the top on a clear day.

    Height: 2,684 m (8,806 ft)

    Location: Bujumbura Rural, ‎Burundi

  2. Umusozi Teza is part of a range of hills here protected in Kibira National Park. It is a prominent peak, set behind the ridge but still visible from below near the village of Teza known as Nanguira. When you reach the forest, you will feel like you are walking among the native trees, of the rainforest, hearing the family calls of the forest birds (see here a small mammal, possibly a squirrel next to a tree path). There's also a good way up, leading up through the trees and along the mountainside. This is definitely a peak well worth the climb, due to the forest and a certain sense of remoteness as it is far from the ridge.

    Bujumbura Region, Buckeye District
  3. Twinyoni (Twinyoni) is a peak (class T - Hypsographic) in (Cibitoke), Burundi (Africa) with the Africa/Middle East region font code. Its coordinates in DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds) are 2°40'43" S and 29°19'33" E, or -2.67861 and 29.3258. (in decimal degrees). It has the UTM location QT50 and the Joint Operation Graphics reference SA35-12.

    Twinyoni is a mountain chosen by many tourists to explore in Burundi. With an altitude of 2659m and an average temperature of 15 - 20 degrees Celsius, Usumozi Twinyoni is one of the highest mountain ranges in Burundi and has many beautiful scenes for tourists to enjoy sightseeing and climbing.

    Height: 2,659 m

    Location: Cibitoke Province, Burundi

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