Top 3 Highest Mountains in United Arab Emirates

  1. Top 1 Jebel Jais
  2. Top 2 Jabal Yibir
  3. Top 3 Jebel Hafeet

Top 3 Highest Mountains in United Arab Emirates

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The United Arab Emirates is well-known across the world for its glossy and beautiful cities, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with its skyscrapers, restaurants, ... read more...

  1. Jebel Jais is a mountain in the Musandam Governorate of Oman, as well as Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, that is part of the North-Western Hajar range. The peak is 1,934 meters above sea level (6,345 ft). The top lies on the Omani side, but a high point west of it is regarded as the highest point in the UAE, at 1,892 m (6,207 ft) above sea level and with a prominence of roughly 10m. Jebel Al Mebrah (also known as "Jabal Yibir"), at 1,727 m (5,666 ft), is the tallest mountain in the UAE, with substantial prominence, due to its location on the Omani side.

    Ras Al Khaimah has a lower average temperature than the rest of the country. In the winter, temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius have been recorded at the mountain's summit. Except for the highlands of Hafeet, temperatures at the highest elevations on the mountain tend to be ten degrees cooler than in other regions of the United Arab Emirates. Al-Heben, Yibir, and Yanas.

    Snow fell atop Jebel Jais in January 2009. Snow had only been reported twice before in the history of the United Arab Emirates, the first time in 2004. On this occasion, there was less. It snowed again on Jebel Jais in February 2017, and temperatures dropped to -5 degrees Celsius. In January 2020, the peak was blanketed in a mix of snow and hail, with temperatures plunging below zero degrees.

    Height: 1,934 m

    Location: Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

  2. Jabal Yibir is a high mountain pass in the Hajar Mountains of the United Arab Emirates, located at an elevation of 1,527m (5,010 ft) above sea level. The path to the top is paved. The highest point and the tallest named mountain are two separate locations. Jebel Yibir is the highest mountain or peak in the UAE. The highest point in the UAE, however, is a peak on a mountain slope on Jebel Jais. The genuine top of Jebel Jais, however, lies in Oman. Jebel Yibir is at 1,527 meters, whereas Jebel Hafeet stands at 1,240 meters.

    Because there is a telecommunications tower and a military post at the summit, and the entrance is limited, private automobiles can drive up to approximately 1,300m above sea level. With all of those steep and quirky hairpin twists, the journey up to the military checkpoint is incredible. The descent is much more enjoyable. The temperature at the summit is approximately 15 degrees Celsius colder than on the plains. While the peak of Jebel Yibir is inaccessible, you may still drive up to 1,350m to breathe in the fresh air and take in the stunning panoramic views.

    Height: 1,527m

    Location: Hajar Mountains, in the United Arab Emirates
  3. Jebel Hafeet, at 1,240 meters above sea level, is the second biggest mountain in the UAE and the highest point in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. This peak in the UAE is also a part of the Hajar mountain range. This majestic mountain stands over Al Ain and extends into Oman. The ideal months to visit Jebel Hafeet are November, December, and January when the temperature is mild. The mountains are made of worn limestone that has been weathered over millions of years.

    Jebel Hafeet is well-known for its unusual fossil findings. In the region, fossils dating back 5,000 years have been uncovered. According to excavations in the region, the graves at Jebel Hafeet reflect the beginning of the Bronze Age in the UAE. Copper artifacts and pottery vessels are among the finds.

    There are two paths to the summit. The first option is to drive all the way, while the second option is for the more daring, in which you must ride all the way to the summit. In any case, you must pass via the breathtaking Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, which is known for its picture-perfect landscapes. Strabag International of Cologne, Germany, developed the legendary route, which is a challenge for cyclists who come and exercise in the region on a regular basis.

    Height: 1,240 m

    Location: the border of the United Arab Emirates and Oman

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