Top 6 Most Beautiful Islands In Madagascar

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As an island nation, Madagascar is no stranger to its fair share of world-class beaches, often on smaller and beautiful islands of their own. Situated off the southeast coast of Africa, it’s an absolutely unmissable location for seasoned travelers and luxury loungers alike. In this list, Toplist will be looking at the best islands in Madagascar!

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Nosy Boraha

Nosy Boraha previously known as Sainte-Marie, the main town of Ambodifotatra, is an island off the east coast of Madagascar. It covers an area of 222 km2 and has a population estimated at 30,000. Sainte-Marie Island is known for being one of the best islands in Madagascar and its authentic and preserved character, its whale watching, its beautiful beaches, its romantic history, and the kindness of its inhabitants. The channel between Nosy Boraha and Madagascar is known for whale watching. Substantial pods of humpback whales (Megaptera) migrate from the Antarctic to the Baie de Tintingue, where the conditions are well suited for mating and raising calves before their annual migration to colder water. Although scarce, southern right whales as a part of the recolonization of their former ranges, are known to appear along the coast from time to time.

Besides, Nosy Boraha became a popular base for pirates, between the 17th and 18th centuries. The location provided bays and inlets for protection from storms, abundant fruit, and quiet waters. Legendary pirates including William Kidd, Robert Culliford, Olivier Levasseur, Henry Every, Abraham Samuel, and Thomas Tew lived in the île aux Forbans, an island located in the bay of Sainte Marie's main town, Ambodifotatra. Many of them were interred in cemeteries on Nosy Boraha, although the remains have never been identified.

On Nosy Boraha, the inhabitants are attached to traditions. The social or family events are faithfully linked to practices invoking the ancestors' spirits. The wealth and variety of these rituals underline the authenticity and depth of the "Saint-Marien" cultural identity. Sainte Marie is endowed with rich fauna and flora. Sainte-Marie has several species of lemur as well as numerous orchid species, among which is the "Queen of Madagascar" (Eulophiella roempleriana). The island was the only known location of Delalande's coua, a non-parasitic cuckoo that became extinct in the late 19th century, possibly due to predation by feral cats. Ilot Madame Museum is the only museum found on this island.

Location: Nosy-Boraha District, Analanjirofo, Madagascar

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Nosy Mitsio

Nosy Mitsio is among the best islands in Madagascar and is an island off the northwest coast of Madagascar and regroups many islets formed by rocks that skim the sea. These islets form an amazing archipelago, with Tsarabanjina in particular, the “Four Brothers”, Nosy Tolholo, and finally the most important, the great Mitsio. Nosy Mitsio is located 70 km northeast of Nosy Be and 60 km northwest of the city of Ambilobe. Owing to the Mitsio archipelago being distant from other large bodies of land, Nosy Mitsio offers crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, lush coconut palms, and a marine fauna with abundant reefs distant from the island perimeter. There are in this magnificent bay many beaches that provide amazing landscapes. The frame is even more exceptional when you see its luxuriant tropical vegetation and its vines, orchids, and baobabs.

Nosy Mitsio is the only inhabited island of the Mitsio archipelago (other than Tsarabanjina, which has a small population that caters to tourism for the hotel on the island). Nosy Mitsio is very rural: it has no infrastructural development and is populated mainly by small family villages. There are several primary schools and very limited access to healthcare services. Most inhabitants of Nosy Mitsio are subsistence rice farmers who also use a variety of fishing methods and shellfish gathering. Supplemental income is provided through salting fish, diving for sea cucumbers, and gathering coconuts - all of which are sold at Port St Louis, the nearest port on mainland Madagascar.

Location: Mitsio, Madagascar.

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Nosy Vorona

Nosy Vorona is an island cut off from the world, which is available for rent for those who want to live like Robinson Crusoé. That makes it become one of the best islands in Madagascar. A private beach, a villa, and an entire island will be at your entire disposal that can welcome up to 12 people. The islet is located not far from Nosy Be’s southwest end, but far enough to give you a word’s end feeling. The entire island is available for rent for a very affordable price and it offers all the hotels’ advantages without any restrictions. A complete staff and boats will also be at your disposal to give you the necessary comfort. An out-of-the-ordinary stay awaits on the island of Nosy Vorona!

You will be delighted by the peace and the sea breeze, far from the world’s stress. To completely relax, a white sand beach, Hamas, and the shade of palm trees will be there to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. And the cherry on top, the island’s staff will prepare for you a cocktail made out of fresh fruits! Far from everything but close nonetheless! The islet is ideally located and is only a 15 minutes boat ride from Nosy Be. It provides a world end feeling but you will still be able to quickly reach the neighboring. It will also be the ideal starting point for your sea trips to try out scuba diving, sports fishing, or jet ski rides in the Indian Ocean.

Location: Nosy Vorona, Madagascar, East African Islands

Facebook: Nosy Vorona - Nosy Be - Madagascar
Facebook: Nosy Vorona - Nosy Be - Madagascar
Facebook: Nosy Vorona - Nosy Be - Madagascar
Facebook: Nosy Vorona - Nosy Be - Madagascar
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Nosy Tsarabanjina

Another of the best islands in Madagascar is Nosy Tsarabanjina. It is a small island off the northwest coast of Madagascar in the Mitsio archipelago, situated near Nosy Be and Nosy Mitsio. It received a small amount of fame in 1994 when the BBC Reality TV program Girl Friday featured Joanna Lumley spending 10 days on the island and living firstly on an A-Frame bed, and then in "the Albert Hall cave". Since the BBC program, the Island has been taken over by a hotel - Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar. Placidly set on a private island off the coast of Madagascar, Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar is as laid back as you can get. Azure blue waters. White sand beaches. Your own private bungalow with a thatched roof and rosewood construction. Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar stands alone among Madagascar hotels.

Once you find yourself on the secluded island, you will find no news, television, or telephone to interrupt your re-acquaintance with nature. The only sounds are from a gentle breeze, the lull of the Indian Ocean, and the melody of the birds. You faithfully follow the dress code of pareo and bare feet. There is no pretense here. No deadlines. No rush. Fill your days with long beach walks, snorkeling, and sailing, or simply sit back and let the African sun cleanse you. The main seafood diet will restore your body's balance and please your palate. This is not only an excursion to another physical place. It's a vacation looking inward. Discover the island’s unique biodiversity with a guided nature walk or explore water still largely unexplored with guided snorkeling and private cruises. Dive in water still largely unexplored with guided snorkeling and private cruises. The diving team, professional and always available, will guide you through different techniques so that you have True underwater experiences and unforgettable moments.

Location: Tsarabanjina, Madagascar
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Nosy Sakatia

Nosy Sakatia is also one of the best islands in Madagascar. It is located on the west coast of Nosy Be and is inside a preserved ecosystem, protected and classified due to the marvels it encloses. Picture postcard beaches, rare birds, and an endemic flora are at the rendezvous and the local people will proudly give you a tour of their island. Alongside a local guide, discover the fauna and flora of the most authentic island of Nosy be’s surrounding islands. Go on a hike to all corners of the island to roam in fishing villages, or fields of coffee, vanilla, and orchids, which made the island famous, or try to tame a lemur in the forest.

All tour long, the guide will tell you about Nosy Sakatia’s rites and customs to uncover all of its secrets. After a well-filled morning, the local people will give you a taste of the island’s delights, freshly picked and cooked on the shore. You will taste various seafood, exotic fruits, and local dishes while enjoying an amazing view! After lunch, there are plenty of activities for you to choose from: beach volley, snorkeling, scuba diving, or kayak ride for sportspeople; tanning, massage, and nap for those looking to relax. The island has many white sand beaches and some can even be privatized for those looking for peace.

Location: Nosy Be, Madagascar
Nosy Be Home
Nosy Be Home
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Nosy Tanikely

Nosy Tanikely and its marine park await you! The site is known worldwide for its exceptional biodiversity, find yourself enchanted by the place’s beauty. Dive into translucent water where all kinds of fishes swim among corals. It is a trip to enjoy with family and introduce yourselves to the joys of diving. Nosy Antanihely, “the island of the small earth” or Nosy Tanikely acquired several years ago the status of Marine and Coastal Protected Area. The park’s management is entrusted to the “Tanihely National Park” association composed of three institutional entities among which Madagascar National Park. Despite its small size, Nosy Tanikely is recognized for its remarkable marine and land biodiversity. Scientific studies certify that the site is one of Madagascar’s most important in terms of marine characteristics, the park is thus visited by many holidaymakers every year. On the agenda: sunbathing, diving/snorkeling, picnics and walks toward the island’s peak.

The reserve has exceptional marine wealth. Nosy Tanikely has a spectacular coral reef which truly is an aquarium full of life. You will see many colored fishes and many species such as sea turtles, rays, dolphins, and even small harmless sharks. The island officially became a natural park in 2010 and its reserve extends over a 700 m radius around its lighthouse, which gives boundaries for the allowed diving zone. Since Nosy Tanikely has become a marine park, fishing is completely prohibited as well as diving by night. There is an entrance fee to access the lagoon, which includes entrance, the lighthouse, and museum tours as well as the provision of scuba masks. The lagoon’s water is so calm and transparent that you will clearly see the marine fauna and flora without the need for a diving mask. The place will be perfect to introduce yourself to scuba diving.

Location: Diana, Madagascar

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