Top 5 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Kyrgyzstan

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When water rushes almost vertically into a pool, this is known as a waterfall. The world's most spectacular waterfalls are renowned for their breathtaking ... read more...

  1. The Barskoon Gorge, which is located off the southern side of Lake Issyk Kul, is home to the waterfall known as Tears of the Snow Leopard. The journey into the gorge takes between 30 and 40 minutes, and it is over 100 meters tall. If you're already in Lake Issyk Kul, it makes a terrific day excursion. There is simply nowhere else in the world like it in terms of the visual and aural consequences of all this water falling about 100 meters.

    The waterfall Tears of a Bars (Snow Leopard) is the most famous waterfall in the gorge of Barskoon. The state natural sanctuary is this distinctive thing. Water pours down quickly from a height of roughly 100 meters. As a result, it is hard to discern other noises since there is usually a lot of noise next to the waterfall. The water shatters into millions of droplets as it tumbles down the rock, scattering over 10 meters. The waterfall is surrounded by ice in the winter, and in between ice cliffs, it resembles a fairy palace. Tears of Bars Waterfall is a magnificent sight that inspires awe in travelers at any time of year, demonstrating the beauty and might of nature.

    Location: Barskoon Gorge, Kyrgyzstan
    Wikimedia Commons
    Wikimedia Commons

  2. Kegety waterfall is located 85 kilometers outside of Bishkek in the Kegety Gorge (one of Kyrgyzstan's most beautiful gorges). The waterfall stands approximately 30 meters tall and at an elevation of 2000 meters. It's also close to Burana Tower, an ancient Silk Road monument for those interested in history. The surrounding jungly rainforest is equally lovely, creating a magical memory you'll never forget.

    The distinctive blues and greens that can be seen in the water as it cascades over limestone and chalk rocks are what really distinguish these waterfalls, ranging from aquamarine to emerald and turquoise. Kegety presents a stunning scene, best seen from above, where it seems as though the water streaming from the cliff is just dissipating into thin air. Although enjoyable year-round, the optimum time to visit for a nice balance between high water levels and low heat is in the spring to early summer (April to July), when temperatures tend to hover between 23 and 32 degrees celsius. The monsoon season's height, when the falls are supposedly at their most potent, is really when professionals visit.

    Location: Kegety Gorge, Kyrgyzstan
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  3. Shar Waterfall, also known as a Shaar waterfall or the Bash-Kaindy waterfall, is located in the Bash-Kayunday valley in Kyrgyzstan's Naryn region. The height of the free-falling Shar waterfall is 220 m, but with the cascades it is roughly 400 m, making it the tallest waterfall in Kyrgyzstan, the Central Tian Shan region, and Central Asia. Shaar waterfall is at 3200 m above sea level in the Bash-Kaindy river canyon. Shar waterfall is so large that you can see it from the Naryn-Torugart road, which goes past the At-Bashi settlement and is 20 kilometers distant.

    Even on the warmest summer days, this region has temperate temperatures and low humidity, making it a pleasant trekking destination for people who find the lower regions to be too hot. On the hills, fir trees are present, while Asian junipers give off a delicate needle scent. There are more than 270 plant species, including endemics and relics, in the region around the waterfall. The "Red Book of Kyrgyzstan" also has a list of several of this flora.

    You should visit Naryn before attempting to climb the tallest waterfall in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. The waterfall and the highest point of the gorge can only be reached on foot or by horseback. It takes around 5 hours to walk there. The waterfall is 20 kilometers from the nearest settlement of Bash-Kaindy. The nearest car road ends at the Bash-Kaindy gorge entrance, and from there you must hike for about 12 kilometers onward and somewhat upwards. The Shar waterfall trek rewards visitors with stunning views of the valley, which is home to grazing yaks, sheep herds, and semi-wild horses. Summer is unquestionably the best time to visit.

    Location: Bash-Kayunday, Kyrgyzstan
  4. The Jeti-Oguz Gorge has the Maiden Tears Waterfall. It's only about 15-20 meters high and a 40-50 minute climb to get there. It's a fantastic site, especially when combined with a visit to the adjacent Jeti-Oguz "7 Bulls" red rock formations. The waterfall "Maiden tears" is a unique travertine waterfall whose foundation is moss, which flourished hundreds of years, perished, stones, and triggered the development of successive generations of the same moss. Yaremche is home to a really pleasant Carpathian waterfall. Low, yet full of vibrant water. Make sure you go to a Waterfall Maiden Tears waterfall, three hours in the calm woods and mountain—isn't that happiness? Lakes, streams, and falls in the Carpathians are frequently connected with tragic stories and folklore.

    The lakes, waterfalls, and rivers were the only ways to deter evil individuals from stopping, blocking the route to entire communities. Yes, some of them were built from the tears of the Highlanders to shield the loved ones from the death. Others serve as a sign of sorrow for those that death still managed to steal from us. You may probably imagine why "Waterfall Maiden Tears" has that name. Come hear his music and you might learn a secret? On the Shonka River, a waterfall may be seen in a beautiful setting. Around is a beech forest that is gradually crawling on the Carpathian steep cliffs, as well as moss stones, and there appears to be something keeping extremely tight braided roots of trees from falling into the abyss, how does it sound? There isn't much of a difference in natural harmony!

    Location: Jeti-Oguz Gorge, Kyrgyzstan
  5. Abshir Ata waterfall is noted for its stormy white horizontal torrent that pours straight out from a vertical granite face. The whole length of the Abshir Sai gorge was produced naturally as water rushes out of a tiny karst cave. The water of the Abshir- Sal River is also said to have medical powers, and guides frequently urge travelers to swim in these healing waters and bring some water with them for later use.

    Along the path to the jailoos, there are a number of little gift stores, and the sellers are glad to share the tales and wonders of Abshir-Ata with tourists. The name of the location, which means "a water-milk spring" in Tajik, was given to it during the period of the earliest Tajik settlements in the region. Due to the abundance of cafés and stores constructed in the soviet architecture, the waterfall region is today quite popular with tourists. The area is often visited by residents, and it was primarily designed to meet their requirements and preferences. Although the waterfalls and the top of the wall are typically obscured by clouds, it is still incredibly magnificent to watch the water pour down the wall as rain falls all around you in the lushest setting possible.

    Location: Nookat District, Osh Region, Kyrgyzstan

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