Top 3 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Solomon Islands

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The Solomon Islands is a South Pacific hidden treasure, with untouched nature including beautiful beaches, coral reefs, tropical forests, waterfalls, etc. On these islands, you can find some of the most impressive bodies of water in the world, especially waterfalls. Let's find out with Toplist the most beautiful waterfalls in the Solomon Islands!

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Tenaru Waterfalls

The first waterfall in this list is the most famous and beautiful waterfall in the Solomon Islands, it is a must-visit spot for many people who come to this country. Tenaru Waterfalls is an impressive waterfall in the rainforest of Guadalcanal island and is part of the Chea River. This waterfall is also considered to be the tallest waterfall in the Solomon Islands, with a height of an astonishing 60 meters (200 feet).

Tenaru Waterfalls are breathtaking and very refreshing, with a beautiful view that will wash away all your stress. Take a camera along to capture this beauty for yourself! There is a pool at the bottom of the waterfall that you can swim in and relax in the cool water. There is also a nice picnic area nearby with a waterfall view, so you can pack lunch and enjoy a nice picnic time with your family and loved ones by the beautiful waterfalls. The calming breeze of the surroundings and the natural beauty will make an unforgettable memory.

The walk to the scenic waterfalls is not very challenging, however, everyone should have proper hiking tools, and it's ideal for one to get some help from a local guide. Despite being the most beautiful waterfall in the country, Tenaru Waterfalls is facing many environmental problems because of tourists littering and local villages dumping rubbish into the Chea River.

Location: Guadalcanal island, Solomon Islands

Photo: Sandy
Photo: Sandy
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Kwaibala Waterfalls

Kwaibala Waterfalls are the refreshing waterfall on Malaita Island of the Solomon Islands. This waterfall is a part of the Kwaibala River and is located not very far away from the nearby villages. Therefore, these waterfalls have been a famous spot for both tourists and locals whenever they want to have a fun time and refresh themselves.

Kwaibala Waterfalls
include many beautiful falls, as well as plenty of pools where you can do many water activities such as jumping from the top of the waterfalls, swimming in the clear and fresh water, etc. Up to the waterfalls, you can find some nice villages where you can experience the local traditions and culture. Playing in the fresh waterfall's water with villagers is also an experience many people enjoy while visiting these waterfalls. You can even spend the night at a Bible school close to the waterfalls for around 70SD per night.

From the city, it might take 2 hours of hiking to get to Kwaibala Waterfalls, but you can take a Taxi and go to the Kwaibala river in 20 minutes, then take a simple trek to get to the site. You will have to walk through the river, so it's good to bring waterproof items and good water shoes.

Location: Malaita Island, Solomon Islands

Photo: Travel Notes
Photo: Travel Notes
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Mataniko Waterfall

The third most beautiful waterfall in the Solomon Islands we have on this list is the magnificent Mataniko Waterfalls. This is one of the star attractions in Honiara’s hinterlands for being both a beautiful natural site and an important historic site of the Solomon Islands.

Unlike Tenaru Waterfalls and Kwaibala Waterfalls, Mataniko Waterfalls have no falls dropping off a cliff. Instead, the water in the waterfalls rushes down over boulders, and into a pool. The waterfall's water flow actually split into two sides: one side simply rushes down into the pool, and the other side falls off into an abyss, where the water actually runs through a high cave under the other side of the waterfall. This unique structure and the tropical surroundings of the waterfalls make this site a great spot to visit in the capital city of the Solomon Islands.

More importantly, by visiting Mataniko Waterfalls, you will have a chance to explore the incredible WWII history. A surprising number of remnants from the Second World War in which the Americans and Japanese fought could be found in these waterfalls. To this day, there are still many rusty remains of shells in the water, foxholes, and even a Japanese bomb in the rainforest on the way down to the waterfalls.

Location: Honiara - the capital city of the Solomon Islands

Photo: Lonely Planet
Photo: Lonely Planet

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