Top 4 Longest Rivers in Somalia

  1. Top 1 Shebelle
  2. Top 2 Jubba
  3. Top 3 Ewaso Ng’iro
  4. Top 4 Dawa

Top 4 Longest Rivers in Somalia

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Somalia is located in Africa's easternmost region, known as the Horn of Africa. It is located on the coast, featuring shorelines on both the Indian Ocean and ... read more...

  1. The Shebelle River is one of the longest rivers in Somalia. This river flows over 702 miles, beginning in Ethiopia's highlands and terminating in Somalia. The stretch of the river that travels along Somalia's coastline is seasonal, only appearing during the rainy season. During periods of low precipitation, the river has been known to dry up due to a mix of natural occurrences such as evaporation and man-made activities such as irrigation. During the wet season, the Shebelle River merges with the Jubba River before emptying into the Indian Ocean.

    The name Shebelle comes from the Somali language Webi Shabeelle, which means "Leopard River." The river is also called for the Somali administrative areas of Middle Shebelle and Lower Shabeelle.

    There are several tributaries to the Shebelle, both seasonal and perennial rivers. They are as follows:

    • The Erer River
    • The Galetti River
    • The Wabe River

    The Fafen only reaches the Shebelle when there is a lot of rain; its stream generally ceases before it reaches the main river.

    Length: 702 miles

  2. Top 2


    The Jubba River, also known as the Juba River (Somali: Wabiga Jubba, Italian: Giuba), is a river in southern Somalia that flows through the Jubaland autonomous territory. It starts at the Ethiopian border, where the Dawa and Ganale Dorya rivers join and runs south to the Somali Sea, where it empties at the Goobweyn confluence. The Jubba basin has a total size of 749,000 km2 (289,000 sq mi). The river is named after the Somali regional state of Jubaland, formerly known as Trans-Juba. Jubba is one of the longest rivers in Somalia

    The Jubba River runs for 624 miles and, like the Shebelle, starts in Ethiopia. This river flows south from the Ethiopian border. The area surrounding the Jubba is regarded as some of Somalia's most fertile cropland. Wildlife on the alluvial plain between the Jubba and Shebelle rivers includes hyenas, lions, gazelles, giraffes, and hippopotamuses. This flat terrain is also essential for local agricultural production and export products. Corn, sesame, fruits, and vegetables are usually produced for the domestic market, although rice and sugarcane are typically exported. Flooding and a shortage of water are impediments to sustained agricultural output.

    Length: 624 miles
  3. When it comes to the longest rivers in Somalia, Ewaso Ng'iro is one of them. The river's name is taken from the language of the local people. It refers to a river with brown or muddy water. Some refer to it as the "Ewaso Nyiro."

    The Ewaso Ng'iro River begins on the west slope of Mount Kenya and flows north, east, and eventually south-east, crossing into Somalia and joining the Jubba River. Ewaso Ng'iro flows into Lake Ol Bolossat and passes through seven arid to semi-arid areas. It is distinguished by a wide range of physiographic characteristics and species and has become an essential component of animal survival, as well as the increase in human population and socioeconomic advances. Due to the significant proportion required to sustain agricultural practices and climate variations, water, the scarce land resource offered by the Ewaso Ng'iro watershed, is unevenly distributed between the catchment's upper and lower portions.

    Length: 435 miles
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    The Dawa River (Somali: Webiga Daawa) flows in East Africa and has an area of 58,961 km2. It runs through three major countries: Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia, with Ethiopia receiving 81% of the flow. The river's proximity to various volcanic-tectonic processes has resulted in a complex geological environment, as seen by its diversified lithology and structural framework. The broad river has mild slopes on both sides of its exposed bedrock. The Dawa river runs south-east, forming part of the Ethiopia-Somalia border as well as part of the Ethiopia-Kenya border. The rivers that flow far from the shore of Dawa are the Awata, Digati, and Marmora.

    As one of the longest rivers in Somalia, the Dawa River in Somalia's fourth most important river. Although it begins in the highlands east of the Ethiopian town of Aleta Wendo, it runs 279.6 kilometers into the country's southeastern area. It then forms a portion of the boundary between Ethiopia and Somalia, and subsequently between Ethiopia and Kenya. This river flows into the Jubba in Somalia. Its valley has yielded gold and titanium minerals.

    280 miles

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