Top 10 Best Online Performance Management Courses

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Continuous, effective performance management helps foster an open dialogue between employees, management and the company as a whole. This increases trust and ... read more...

  1. The management style and behavior trend has changed dramatically in the twenty-first century; every good manager must understand that he or she leads a team, and leading a team does not mean you will lord over the people; you must show courtesy to the employees because employee performance will make or unmake you; nobody can be an effective leader if the team you lead consistently underperforms. Some football coaches have been fired because of their disrespect for the players, and the players intentionally fail to perform, resulting in the coach's dismissal.

    Every good and better organization requires competent and skilled workers, and this can only be accomplished by investing in people and ensuring that they give their all to the organization. It is the responsibility of both management and employees to ensure increased productivity. Competition is currently the greatest threat to businesses because increasing market share is difficult if customers' expectations are not met.

    This course will teach you how to improve performance management, the strategy for effective workplace learning, employee development methods, and how to motivate both internal and external managers.

    Who this course is for:

    • Everybody, managers, directors, businessmen, academia, CEO, Instructors, consultant, government officials,Leaders etc


    • No requirement, only the desire to improve you work

    Course ratings: 5.0/5

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  2. The aims of this course is to gain knowledge and skills in applying management accounting techniques to quantitative and qualitative data for planning, decision making, performance evaluation, and control. This course is designed for individuals who want to learn how to use management accounting to improve an organization's performance through various techniques such as budgeting, costing systems, and much more.

    After completing this course, you should be able to explain and apply cost accounting techniques that can be used in a variety of industries around the world; select and appropriately apply decision-making techniques to facilitate business decisions and promote efficient and effective use of scarce business resources; and understand and control the risks and uncertainty inherent in business.

    You will also identify and discuss performance management information and measurement systems, as well as assess an organization's performance from both a financial and non-financial standpoint, while appreciating the difficulties of controlling divisionalised businesses and the importance of allowing for external factors. Last but not least, various techniques such as budgeting, forecasting, and much, much more can be used to improve a company's performance.

    Who this course is for:

    • People that want to extend their knowledge even further within the field of financial management.


    • It is recommended that you have some basic knowledge on financial management. You are recommended to take ACCA: F2/FMA - Management Accounting course first.

    Course ratings: 5.0/5

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  3. It is a comprehensive guide kit for those interested in learning about performance management. The syllabus and lectures are based on the ACCA Performance Management syllabus and the chapter order followed by BPP learning media. Each lecture lasts approximately thirty minutes in order to explain the topic and do a few questions/examples to demonstrate the application of knowledge.

    This course is designed to help students pass their ACCA PM (F5) exam on the first try with high marks. BPP Learning Media, one of the world's best accounting book publishers, provided the list of topics (chapters) and their order.

    Students with other qualifications, such as CIMA, CA, CAT, BBA, or MBA, can also benefit greatly because the Fundamentals of Financial Accounting topics are the same across all qualifications and degrees.

    The course includes video tutorials that cover the entire ACCA PM (F5) syllabus, as well as videos that include practice questions with solutions and explanations from the tutor. Course notes and chapter presentations in PDF format are also included as part of the learning materials. This is definitely one of the best online performance management courses.

    Who this course is for:

    • ACCA, CIMA, BBA and MBA students as well as accountants, managers, business owners and entrepreneurs.


    • No Prerequisite

    Course ratings: 4.8/5

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  4. Performance evaluation is the process of assessing an individual's knowledge, skills and abilities, potential, and work habits by comparing and measuring them against predetermined standards. It is a process that evaluates and measures the behavior of individuals over a specific time period. There are some business efficiency rules that apply whether you are an employee or a boss at your workplace. Despite the fact that you ignore them, you actually lose at least half of our material and moral productivity. Let alone the concept of time.

    This course, one of the best online performance management courses, teaches you exactly those items that are lost but that will at least double your productivity. With this course, you will learn a lot from your intimate teaching teacher, who will be accompanied by visuals on the screen. With the advancement of technology, you can complete the course and receive a certificate from any location and at any time.

    This course will teach you in detail about the productivity aspects of your workplace and work, as well as remind you of the important points. This course will remind you of important points with catchy examples while teaching you what you don't know.

    Who this course is for:

    • This course is for men or women, students, operators, business people and everyone who are in business from all walks of life.


    • No prior knowledge is required for this course. All you need is an internet connection.

    Course ratings: 4.7/5

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  5. Anyone who takes their work, business, or craft seriously needs to use Key Performance Indicators. KPIs are one of the most effective business strategies for increasing productivity, growth, and turnover, whether you're an individual focused on career advancement or a multi-level organization looking to improve productivity in your teams.

    This course, one of the best online performance management courses, will teach you how to plan and structure your KPI strategy so that you can make informed business decisions and achieve high performance across your entire organization. You'll learn about what KPIs are and why you need them, as well as how to choose the right indicators for your business. You'll also learn how to effectively present your data using clear and easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and infographics to get the most impact.

    This course will take you through evaluating existing metrics and highlighting some cardinal sins that you should avoid, from understanding the hierarchy of KPIs to learning how team leaders and department heads can ensure their performance indicators align to achieve the overall company objectives. This course will help you plan, implement, and report your most important performance data with confidence.

    By the end of this course, you'll know how to choose and implement a solid set of KPIs that are right for your company, allowing you to analyze performance, make adjustments, and motivate your team to make changes and accomplish great things. Every team looking to get more out of their performance will benefit greatly from a good set of KPIs, and you're in a great position to lead the charge in making that happen.

    Who this course is for:

    • Those who wish to become an authority in their workplace on business performance improvement
    • People working in Production, Manufacturing, Industrial Operations, Business Operations
    • Supervisors, Consultants, Engineers, Planners & Analysts, Management & Leadership teams
    • Ambitious self-starters who want to have a bigger impact at work, improve things and get noticed


    • Only an appetite to improve yourself and enhance your performance metrics
    • A desire to implement a robust set of KPIs
    • Ready to experience the rush and fulfilment of improving your business operations with the right set of KPIs

    Course ratings: 4.5/5
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  6. Creating a competitive work environment in your workplace requires a structured benefits strategy based on defined metrics. The first step in changing your organization's culture to foster such an environment in order to achieve your organizational goals is to create a performance management and evaluation program.

    This course not only includes all the information you need to operate as a successful performance management program! it also includes a turnkey project in which all the resources required to run the program are also attached in this course.

    This course is not a typical performance management training course; rather, it is a step-by-step manual that addresses all aspects of performance management and covers its entire life cycle. By bridging the gap between theoretical training and practical experience, the course was designed based on 15 years of practical experience in running performance management programs in mid-size companies, groups, and Fortune 500 companies.

    The instructor designed the course based on his understanding of the tremendous pressure that business leaders and human resource professionals face; it allows you to jump directly from the learning stage into program implementation using the attached presentation templates, forms, and data management system. The course discusses how and why programs fail, as well as the secret sauce to running a successful program.

      Who this course is for:

      • HR Generalists who want to become specialized as performance Managers
      • Managers who want to learn how to set goals for large number of employees
      • Managers who want to learn how to conduct difficult conversations
      • HR Managers Who Need Tools to Capture and Track Performance Data
      • General Managers who want to transform their organizations into a competency driven companies
      • Professionals that want to reduce employee attrition
      • HR Managers Who Want to Change the Culture in Their Companies


      • There are no prerequisites to study this course, it is self explanatory.
      • This is a Turnkey Project Course, where it includes various resources and tackles critical issues related to performance management

      Course ratings: 4.4/5
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    • The key measure of a manager's success is the creation and maintenance of a winning team that successfully achieves organizational objectives. As a manager, you must understand the organization's future direction and strategic objectives, and then translate and cascade these into action plans and measurable goals for your team to deliver on. You must also track and monitor your team's performance and take action when things are not going as planned.

      This course will teach you how to translate and cascade organizational strategy and objectives to your team, as well as how to use tools like GAP analysis and SWOT analysis. You will also learn how to conduct constructive performance reviews with your team, as well as how to monitor and evaluate your team's performance.

      By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of your role as a manager in ensuring that your team can create value for your organization, know how to build a high performing and productive team that is valued in the organization, know how to prepare and conduct engaging and constructive performance reviews with your team, and feel more empowered and effective as a manager.

      Who this course is for:

      • Anyone who wants to learn how to effectively manage an individual or team's performance
      • Anyone looking to boost engagement and their work culture
      • Anyone looking to become a stronger leader


      • You should be in a manager, supervisor or director role

      Course ratings: 4.4/5

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    • In any business, founders serve their teams best by focusing on performance management and constantly looking for new ways to uplift and inspire those around them. That is the focus of this extraordinary course. The methods described here have proven to be highly effective across all industries, organizations of all sizes and structures, and geographies. Apply the methods to your own unique situation, and gradually build your own skill set with an interactive learning series divided into five sections.

      You'll learn specific, actionable strategies for building trust within teams in section one of the course – strategies you can put to use right away. Section two of the course will teach you the communication skills that are absolutely necessary if you want to provide productive feedback.

      Section three of this course teaches you about various types of feedback. You will learn how to effectively use group feedback, how to use digital mediums for feedback (e.g., messaging apps or email), how to conduct performance appraisals and performance improvement meetings... as well as much more. In section four, you’ll see the feedback methods you’ve learned put into action with examples and role-playing exercises, performed on screen.

      The fifth section will teach you the quickest and most effective prescription for improving performance in an ever-changing world. After completing the course, you will receive a verifiable certificate as well as access to a suite of support resources from the Eazl team.

      Who this course is for:

      • Team leaders and managers aspiring to greater team success
      • Professionals looking to develop more finely-tuned “soft skills
      • Startup teams wanting to build clarity and momentum
      • Freelancers seeking for help managing clients effectively
      • Team members working for higher responsibility and pay


      • No prerequisites needed!

      Course ratings: 4.4/5

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    • If people are the greatest creators of value in organizations, then good performance management is critical to an organization's success. Performance management is not a single activity, but rather a collection of practices that should be approached holistically.

      Effective performance management is based on both formal and informal processes. It entails planning, such as defining and reviewing objectives, linking ways to achieve those objectives to business plans, and establishing success measures. These are frequently discussed in meetings between the line manager and employees known as performance reviews or appraisals.

      This is an introductory course for people who are new to employee performance management and human resource management. In this course, you will learn how to build trust within teams, within organizations, or as a new manager and verbal, group, and digital communication skills associated with performance management and giving and soliciting feedback. This course will also teach specific solicitation modalities, the fundamentals of people operations, people analytics, and the movement toward continuous feedback, as well as continuous performance improvement practices.

      Who this course is for:

      • Beginner course for individuals new to employee performance management and human resources management.


      • No prior experience required.

      Course ratings: 4.2/5
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    • The Certified Performance Management Professional Certification is a unique accreditation that endorses you for both your knowledge and skills in improving performance across all organizational levels. The certification is the result of a complex learning process, based on experiential learning that has 3 parts: pre-course activities, 3 days of core-course and post-course tasks.

      The goal of this Certified Performance Management Professional (CPMP) course is to highlight the performance management elements that lead to effective and efficient organizational performance. By developing the next generation of performance experts, this course will provide a solid foundation for deploying performance management. They will serve as the foundation for measuring the organization's performance.

      Furthermore, this knowledge of performance will aid you in comprehending, establishing, activating, reporting, and generating value through the use of KPIs across the organization. You will gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience using a variety of performance management tools and techniques after completing this course.

      Who this course is for:

      • Anyone who is involved in performance management, staff level, HR team, managers, team leaders, directors, statistics team, reporting team, and performance professionals


      • Basic business management skills

      Course ratings: 4.1/5

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