Top 6 Best Restaurants in Angola

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Angola is a country in Southern Africa with a great diversity that includes tropical Atlantic beaches, a maze of rivers, and a Sub-Saharan desert that ... read more...

  1. Restaurante Café Del Mar ranks first among the best restaurants in Angola. The restaurant was launched as a new idea by the same group in 2000, next to the Coconuts restaurant. The waves of the sea demolished the building of the time in 2014, a torture that turned into a chance to give the place a new character and reopen in 2016. Café del Mar is becoming a must-visit location in Luanda, thanks to its menu, décor, and welcoming staff.

    The vibrant environment facing the sea during the day and the intimacy of the lighting at night, inspired by the "African Chic" concept, make Café del Mar a location of choice at any time of day. The restaurant serves superb cuisine, including a variety of appetizers and main courses with national and foreign influences.

    Customers can also relax with a drink or their snacks in the restaurant's smoking and non-smoking areas, as well as on sofas in front of the water. This is a more intimate and friendly setting where you can unwind and have a light meal while sipping on one of their cocktails or other beverages from their menu.

    Rate: 4.3 (1,926 Google reviews)

    Address: Ilha de Luanda, Av. Murtala Mohammed, Luanda, Angola

    Phone: +244 923 581 333

  2. It is a little difficult to find the restaurant for the first time, but it is definitely worth visiting, and you will want to come back again and again. Firstly, you will choose the seafood you want to eat at Restaurante la Vigia, and they will grill it over an open grill. The meal here will astonish you with its variety of flavors.

    The restaurant is a little boisterous (as are many of Luanda's cuisine places) and gets quite full later on, but that is an indicator of how delicious it is. If you are in Luanda, this is a must-see. For a standard restaurant in Luanda, the restaurant offers relatively reasonable and average costs. Because they serve ginguba (toasted peanuts) as an appetizer, it is best to choose a Cuca beer. White potato, sweet potato, and boiled veggies are served alongside the fish. Because it is an outdoor location, you should avoid eating lunch there because it will be too hot.

    Rate: 4.1 (712 Google reviews)

    Address: R. Nicolau Gomes Spencer, Luanda, Angola

    Phone: +244 929 454 589
  3. Restaurante Pimms, which opened on July 18, 2000, in Luanda, serves buffet-style lunch and dinner to individuals and groups. It offers a diverse and exquisite range of the world's finest wines and champagnes. It always offers customized treatment in a refined setting, where even the smallest touches can exceed expectations. The confluence of traditional Portuguese and Angolan cuisines serves as the foundation for a diverse and flavorful meal.

    They feature two rooms with a total capacity of 80 seats, as well as a bar and a terrace. The two rooms are flexible, allowing customers to book a room for their own event (minimum of 20 people). They have a team that is competent, proactive, creative, and dynamic, capable of meeting the difficulties posed by the customers.

    In order to blend with the flavors of each dish, their recommendations symbolically represent some of the highest choices in the world. They selected a range of the best wines from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, South Africa, and Portugal (from the Douro, Alentejo, and Vinhos Verdes regions), as well as the most demanding winemaking methods, from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, South Africa, and Portugal (from the Douro, Alentejo, and Vinhos Verdes regions). savor them...

    They begin with the finest raw ingredients and embark on a voyage of flavors in which the sea and land inspire appetites in a symbolic way. The commencement of an evocation of fragrances and flavors, a fusion of creative cuisine and historic knowledge, begins with a high-quality product. There is no doubt that this is one of the best restaurants in Angola.

    Rate: 4.5 (389 Google reviews)

    Address: Postal nº 3583, R. Emílio M'Bidi 112 C, Luanda, Angola

    Phone: +244 926 648 028
  4. Vasku's Restaurant is without a doubt one of Angola's top restaurants. The Vasku's Restaurant is located near Independence Square/ Vila Alice, next to the market. The steak will be prepared to your specifications – properly cooked or half-cooked – at this restaurant. And make sure it is what you wanted before you start eating it; if it is not, they will redo it for you.

    The most popular food on the menu is Camarao Moacambicana, which appears to be the only Indian cuisine on the menu. Try the grilled Lula, which will leave you speechless with its softness and variety of flavors.The steaks are cooked to perfection, and the sauces are delectable. The restaurant, in particular, offers ample quantities. When compared to the pricing in Luanda, you will be surprised to discover that the price here is really reasonable for the outstanding quality. Furthermore, the service is excellent, and you will undoubtedly become their regular customer.

    Rate: 4.2 (278 Google reviews)

    Address: R. da Liberdade, Luanda, Angola

    Phone: +244 933 049 185
  5. Top 5


    The Seven Restaurant is a special place where the highest quality cuisine is combined with the individuality of a unique setting. The ACCP Business Center, in the center of Luanda, in one of the most renowned areas in the Angolan city, offers the refinement of this famous position.

    Every day at the Seven restaurant, they strive to infuse soul into their dishes by offering a diverse menu that ranges from traditional Portuguese cuisine to African cuisines. This flurry of emotions comes to a close with a nice moment. Their cellar is built out of the greatest wines to ensure that all tastes are harmonious. They take cooking perfection to a new level at Seven.

    There is plenty of room for a new gastronomic and wine identity between the freshness of the seafood and the refinement of the meats. As a result, the wine list of the Seven restaurant, idealized by exceptional oenophiles, expresses itself with exclusivity, expressing a modern and contemporary bet, which communicates and symbolizes the most cherished traditions while ensuring credibility at the same time. There are over 100 references, allowing for a superb wine tasting between the "new and old-world" There are many more reasons why Restaurante Seven is the ideal spot to spend time with friends, have a business lunch, or have an outstanding supper.

    Rate: 4.2 (143 Google reviews)

    Address: R. Cmte. Dangereux, Luanda, Angola

    Phone: +244 947 388 700

  6. Vitruvio restaurant delivers traditional Italian dishes with a different aesthetic. Pair your favorite food with one of their outstanding wines. You can order Italian, Portuguese, French, and some new world wines, as well as sample classic Italian cuisine made by the Chef and paired with the finest international wines.

    Modernity collides with tradition, demonstrating how cooking can bring culinary expertise to the table. They give ristorantes a soul by fusing the best of Italian tradition with cutting-edge culinary trends. Fresh pizzas and pasta dishes are produced in front of a curious and attentive audience, who can easily peer into the artisanal oven. The Chef, in particular, recommends Tentaziones del Giorno, which are made with the freshest ingredients available. There is also the Family Table, which has 22 seats. The ideal choice for gathering all of your friends and family around a single table in a luxurious setting.

    Rate: 4.2 (84 Google reviews)

    Address: Rua da Missão Piso 1, Luanda, Angola

    Phone: +244 222 642 703

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