Top 5 Best Restaurants In Dominica

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Rich in seafood, fresh fruit, and carb-heavy vegetables, Caribbean Creole cuisine has pride of place in Dominica. Here are top 5 best restaurants in Dominica

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Palisades Restaurant

This magnificent and romantic restaurant overlooks the Caribbean shoreline at the southern end of Roseau's bayfront. For 75 years, the business was a staple in Eggleston and a vital component of the community. It became a social outlet as well, a gathering place for residents to welcome their neighbors, share news and advice, or just plain gossip, in addition to providing food and tools to feed their families and build their homes. The General Store, formerly known as CC Whittaker & Company, first opened its doors in 1926 and sold everything from dishes, food, fish, piece goods, shoes, clothes, and feed to inhabitants of Eggleston and Giles County.

You can either dine outside on the wraparound veranda while listening to the sea or inside in the air-conditioned formal dining room. Along with typical foreign and local meals, the restaurant's menu includes spa-vegetarian options. The menu includes creole delicacies such as callaloo soup, as well as beef, lamb, and duck entrees, as well as skewered shrimp with a chili sauce. Cheesecake and guava tart are two tropical delicacies. Whatever you want, it will be delivered by a kind and efficient wait staff.

Location: Victoria St.Roseau, St. George Dominica
Tel: 767-448–5000
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Jag Banwait owns and operates CocoRicoCafe, an independent restaurant and cocktail bar. When it comes to fantastic dining, Jagjit's concept is all about bringing people together. He takes great delight in providing a laid-back, unpretentious environment that complements his straightforward fare. The menu features simply prepared dishes that let the inherent flavors of the ingredients to show through. Authenticity is also crucial, so his cooks make sure the ingredients they use are the freshest in the country or the greatest in the world.

This bright yellow-and-blue Parisian-style café on a prominent bayfront site in Roseau is hard to miss. Beginning at 8:30 a.m., breakfast crepes, croissants, baguette sandwiches, and steaming café au lait are offered. You may relax indoors or out throughout the day and enjoy any of the numerous menu selections along with the perfect glass of wine. You can also use its PCs to access the Internet. The Cocorico wine store, located in the cellar beneath, offers a fairly priced collection of wines from more than eight countries, as well as a variety of pâtés and cheeses, crepes, sausages, cigars, French bread, and chocolates.

Location: Bay Front at Kennedy Ave.Roseau, St. George Dominica
Tel: 767-449–8686
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Miranda's Corner

On the approach to Pont Casse, just outside Springfield, you'll find hills covered in flowers. "Miranda's Corner," a sign on a tree at a sharp bend, refers to a bar, rum shop, and meal all rolled into one. Miranda Alfred is at ease in this setting, serving everyone from Italian tourists to banana growers. Her nearby garden provides a lot of her supplies. There are a variety of delicacies available, including tropical juices and titiree, which are fish balls created from the same-named species that are only available during certain seasons. Every meal is made with a dash of passion and a fistful of taste.

The surrounds are rather lovely, and it's the ideal place to sit, relax, sip some rum punch, and take in the scenery. Miranda's Corner serves delectable Dominican cuisine and provides excellent customer service. Cow heel soup, goat water, calalou, baked/stewed rabbit, black pudding, baked/bbq ribs with sides, chicken/beef/shrimp/goat roti, baked chicken, and many other dishes are available. Miranda's is a wonderful pit stop if you're in the neighborhood, and it's open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Call ahead to make sure it's open.

Location: 15 Cork St.Roseau, St. George Dominica
Tel: 767-448–2930
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Rainforest Restaurant at Papillote

Papillote has been dubbed "the ultimate of a natural retreat" because it is only a short walk from Trafalgar Falls and only 15 minutes by car from Roseau. Nature walks, wildlife, hot and cold pools, waterfalls, and superb Creole food make this a perfect vacation getaway. The Rainforest Restaurant, set among four acres of beautiful botanical gardens with sweeping views of the Roseau Valley, serves a wide range of delectable local dishes like pumpkin or callalou soup, flying fish platters, dasheen or breadfruit puffs, our famous steamed fish wrapped in banana leaf, and fresh, plentiful salads.

Dine at a temperature that's cold enough for a throw blanket but warm enough for after-dinner talk. First, relax in a hot mineral bath in the Papillote Wilderness Retreat grounds while sipping a powerful rum punch. The menu has increased, but callaloo soup, dasheen puffs, fish "rain forest" (marinated with papaya and wrapped in banana leaves), and other creole-style specialties are still available. This attractive Caribbean restaurant boasts one of the nicest views in the area. A wonderful setting for a romantic supper, a business meeting, a getaway, a celebration, and more.

Location: Trafalgar Falls Rd.Trafalgar, St. George Dominica
Tel: 767-448–2287
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Sea Surge Terrace Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant in the Evergreen Hotel serves traditional local cuisine with a sophisticated twist. This award-winning Dominican restaurant combines a wonderful blend of international and creole cuisine with a serene and romantic atmosphere to create an unforgettable dining experience. A tropical combination of colonial history and contemporary Caribbean is enhanced by attentive furniture, music, and mood lighting to create the ideal sensory environment. Only the chilly trade breezes breezing across the patio will convince guests they aren't dreaming as they gaze out over the Caribbean Sea, sailboats, and sunsets.

Every day, a three-course table d'hote menu for lunch and dinner is updated. They describe a sensory trip that begins with fresh soup or salad appetizers and continues with traditional Creole and foreign main dishes before ending with a delectable dessert choices. There are four meat selections for each main meal. Local specialties like crab backs are tough to refuse when they're in season. Beers, spirits, punch, premium wines, and unique cocktails are available at a well-stocked bar.

Location: Castle Comfort, St. George Dominica
Tel: 767-448–3288


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