Top 4 Highest Mountains in Belarus

  1. Top 1 Dzyarzhynskaya
  2. Top 2 Zamkavaya
  3. Top 3 Vysokaya
  4. Top 4 Lis’ya

Top 4 Highest Mountains in Belarus

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Belarus is an Eastern European country with a landlocked border. Its neighbors include Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, and Lithuania. Forest covers more than ... read more...

  1. Dzyarzhynskaya Hara is Highest Mountain in Belarus and the tallest mountain. With a height of 1,132 feet above sea level, it is more of a hill than a mountain. Dzyarzhynskaya Hara is located near Dzyarzhynskaya, west of Minsk. The hill was previously known as Svyataya hara, but it was renamed after Felix Dzyarzhynskaya in 1958. Mountain vegetation on the mountain ranges from 25 to 30 unusual species. Dzyarzhynskaya Hara is a popular hiking location for most Belarusians and a few visitors to the country. In Belarus, the mountain is also a major topographical feature and a reference point.

    What distinguishes this high point from some other low elevation, non-mountainous high points is that it is centrally located within the country, rather than near a border, where one can easily see higher land a short distance away, as is the case with many other lower European highpoints, and even many higher ones. The closest highest land is more than 280 miles (450 km) distant in Poland. This gives one a genuine impression of being the highest point in the country since it is simple to visualize the entire country dropping away from this one central apex point. Indeed, from the summit of Dzyarzhynskaya Hara, one can see all of the ground slowly falling away to provide very wonderful views to the south and east. What the hill lacks in height, it makes up for in originality and panoramic beauty. The surrounding forests and fields are incredibly lovely, and going here provides high pointers with a good insight into this little-visited area of Europe.

    Height: 1,132 feet

    Location: West of Minsk, Belarus

  2. With an elevation of 960 feet above sea level, Zamkavaya is Belarus's second tallest peak. The mountain is located in western Belarus, west of Minsk, the country's capital. Zamkavaya's peak rises 141 feet above the surrounding landscape. The surrounding environment is rather level, with a mix of agriculture and natural flora. The mountain climate is classified as hemiboreal. The surrounding region of Zamkavaya is sparsely inhabited. The majority of the people that live near the mountain are farmers and herders.

    Looking back from afar, people can see the mountains close together, overlapping each other. Each different high and low mountain, undulating one after another like a zigzag line running far to the horizon. The sun shines brightly everywhere. Green trees cover the mountain, leaving only a few hills planted with young trees, small, beautiful trees, covered by layers of tall trees that look like children in need of protection.

    Height: 960 feet

    Location: Western Belarus
  3. Vysokaya Mountain is located in Minsk, Belarus's capital city. With a height of 617 feet above sea level, the peak is the third highest in the country. The surrounding area is rather flat, with a hemiboreal climate. Vysokaya Mountain is home to some of the country's unique flower species. The villages surrounding the mountain are mostly agricultural, however, they rarely use the mountain for farming purposes. The mountain, like many others in Belarus, is a popular hiking destination.

    That woodland has so many lovely and spectacular sceneries. Starting to go into the forest immerses you in the enormous, majestic, and untainted beauty of nature. A moist dirt path with mushrooms is covered. Mushrooms grow quite well. The woodland mushrooms resemble a mushroom metropolis, with each mushroom resembling a modern-day castle. Deep in the jungle, a surprising sound begins to play, breaking the eerie calm. Animals that move branches and move beneath the earth are quite active. The gibbons carefully embraced their youngsters and passed them lightning swiftly. The squirrels with enormous, gorgeous tail feathers rushed by too quickly for me to catch up.

    Height: 617 feet

    Location: Minsk, Belarus
  4. Lis'ya mountain is close to Tagil pond, one of the highest mountains in Belarus. A watchtower can be seen on top of the mountain. The historic Nizhny Tagil iron and steel company, founded in the 18th century by Akinfiy Demidov, is located near the mountain. It is now a museum devoted to the history of the manufacturing process. A metallurgist memorial has been constructed at the mountain's base. In addition, two streets, Beregovaya-Udarnaya Street and Cheluskintsev Street intersect in the city center near the mountain. There is no clear explanation behind the name Lis'ya Mountain. One legend holds that there were numerous foxes here, while another holds that the peak earned its name from smoke emitted by the Iron and Steel Plant's chimneys, which resembled foxtails. The alternate name for the mountain, Lisaya (Bald), refers to the fact that the peak was formerly wooded. But the forests had vanished.

    The Lis'ya mountain, with its watchtower on top, is a landmark in Nizhny Tagil. Lis'ya mountain is still a popular spot for strolling and relaxing, just as it was in the past. It provides beautiful views of the city. Today, the watchtower houses a museum that has been designated as Russia's smallest museum. Lis'ya mountain, along with this watchtower, is part of the Nizhny Tagil Museum-Reserve Gornozavodskoy Ural. Furthermore, the watchtower is designated as an architectural monument and is a Ural and Russian cultural heritage site.

    Height: 512 feet

    Location: on the border of Russia and Belarus

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