Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Connecticut

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Connecticut is a region with many beautiful landscapes, especially waterfalls. It is an amazing region to enjoy serene waterfalls. Let's discover the most beautiful waterfalls in Connecticut!

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Enders Falls

Five unique waterfalls make up the excellent Enders Falls group, some of which have well-liked swimmable pools. The initial set of falls is a 6-foot cascade, which is excellent but not a reliable indicator of what comes further down. The second falls can be partially viewed upstream at the river level, where the trail continues for a little while. The second falls is a 30-foot horsetail and plunge combination that fans widely downward between rocky, overhanging gorge walls. It is best viewed by crossing the stream. In the pool below these falls, which is flanked by hemlock trees and dense moss on all sides, fishing is very popular.

From the first set of falls, a six-foot-tall cascade of whooshing beauty, visitors can take one of the best waterfall treks in the state via the following three mild plunges. It comes to a finish at one of Connecticut's most magnificent waterfalls.

This fifth and last Enders fall will plead for you to start taking pictures. Two drops make up the 15-foot drop to the pleasant pool below. These all have swimming areas that are well-liked by tourists in the summer. The swimming hole at the base of the fifth fall is less busy than the others, according to insider knowledge.

Location: Granby, Connecticut

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Chapman Falls

One of the most stunning and fascinating waterfalls to visit in the Nutmeg State is Chapman Falls. Chapman Falls is situated in the Devil's Hopyard State Park near East Haddam. According to legend, Satan used to stroll by the falls. When his tail was wet one day, he became enraged and marched over some of the falls, leaving distinctive marks on the rocks that formed their permanence. Others think that the boulders' distinctive shape was brought about by generations of water running over them.

The intriguing mythology and distinctive structure of the 60-foot waterfall make it a well-liked destination for hikers and tourists. You can observe the waterfall from the top or the bottom thanks to the trails that surround it. Additionally, when walking the paths, you'll get some stunning views of the river because it's situated along the Eightmile River. Extremely dry conditions may cause the falls to lose their block shape and become weak-flowing horsetails. Any travel plans shouldn't be ruined by this because the location is still beautiful regardless of how strong the river is. Trout fishing is a rewarding activity, so bring your fishing gear.

Location: East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut

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Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Connecticut. You'll then be able to see this wonderful force at its most powerful. The finest season to go is in the spring when the cascade is being violently overflowed by a true surge brought on by snowmelt.

The best way to see Plymouth's Buttermilk Falls is from above, as is true of many other waterfalls. The summit in this instance is located on the Mattatuck Trail, at the top of a 55-foot waterfall that is framed by dense hemlock trees and wildflowers. Waterfall trekkers can properly appreciate the scope of this natural treasure from this summit.

The falls are beautiful and worth returning to time and time again because they change with the seasons. When the water level is high, it spills over ledges; in midsummer, it changes into a charming twist of water. After having felt the rush of being at the top, cautiously descend (it's more of a scramble) to see the falls from below. The river, which pools at each visitor's feet, is littered with rocks.

Location: Plymouth, Connecticut

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Great Falls

Great Falls is situated in the Housatonic River in Falls Village in the hamlet of Canaan. Because of its raw force, it is often regarded as one of Connecticut's most popular waterfalls to visit. Some even compare it to Niagara Falls in terms of power! Great Falls is also one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Connecticut.

For hikers and tourists, this waterfall's 60 feet of forceful water is gorgeous, and many comments on how amazed they were by the natural wonder. The waterfall is controlled by a dam and provides water to Canaan and Falls Village, therefore the amount of water that flows over the falls may occasionally change.

You're in luck if all you want to do is take in the falls without doing the strenuous hike. From the parking area, it is simply a short stroll to the waterfall. After viewing the falls, you can always head to Falls Village to access the Appalachian Trail for a lengthier stroll. Additionally, you may attempt tubing or kayaking on the Housatonic River if you're feeling daring.

Location: Falls Village, Canaan, Connecticut

Photo: tripadvisor
Photo: tripadvisor
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Yantic Falls

Yantic Falls is the ideal location if you want to see a stunning waterfall that is also full of history. A 40-foot waterfall near Norwich called Yantic Falls is partially natural and partly man-made. Water from the falls pours into a small valley and eventually into the Yantic River.

Indian Leap Falls is another name for Yantic Falls. Plaques at the park state that during the 17th century, the Mohegan Indians frequently camped there. The Mohegans and the Narragansetts engaged in combat in 1643. The tall escarpment of the falls was allegedly accidentally reached by a party of Narragansetts during the conflict. Instead of giving up, the Narragansetts attempted to jump, but failed and fell to their deaths. The falls were important to Norwich's industrial growth as well.

The falls are a stunning sight to view and have a lengthy history. There is a train bridge over the falls, which many tourists enjoy using for photos, and a pedestrian bridge that is located across from the falls from where you can see the falls in all of their opulent beauty.

Location: near Norwich, Connecticut

Photo: tripadvisor
Photo: tripadvisor
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Mill Pond Falls

Within Mill Pond Park, Mill Pond Falls is situated beneath Mill Pond. The pond is surrounded by a walking trail that descends through the forest to reach the falls. An observation area with benches and a view of the falls is situated in front of the wooden footbridge that crosses the top of the falls.

Residents can walk, bike, fish, and swim at the public pool in the park. Views of the pond's descent into the falls are available from a pavilion. The Newington Extravaganza offers boat rides around the pond and past the falls during the summer. It is a very well-liked setting for weddings and other events thanks to the well-kept landscaping and tiny garden adjacent to the falls.

There is a very nice viewing area below the falls where you can rest and take in the splendor. The falls run into Mill Pond. A footbridge across the falls provides access to a trail that goes to Mill Pond. Additionally, Mill Pond Park is an excellent location for photos. The park contains various gardens and is covered in stunning wildflowers. You may capture some fantastic images to update your Instagram account between the flowers, the waterfall, the pond, and the bridge.

Location: Newington, Connecticut

Photo: tripadvisor
Photo: tripadvisor
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Wadsworth Little Falls

Wadsworth Little Falls is located nearly twice as tall as its next-door neighbor, Wadsworth Big Falls. The fact that this waterfall is much less strong and more seasonal than the Big Falls must be how it got its moniker. In order for Little Falls to reach its full potential, a significant rain event is actually required. This waterfall's structure consists of roughly twenty small-step plunges, none of which is taller than three feet. Although little, this waterfall is a good illustration of a staircase fall and a wonderful contrast to the strength and notoriety of the Big Falls. This waterfall is also one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Connecticut.

It's important to note that there are two methods to go to the falls if you're interested in seeing them. Parking close to the falls is possible, as well as parking further away and hiking there. Feel free to explore the other trails at Wadsworth State Park after viewing the falls. The park has full of lovely, scenic pathways that you may take with friends and family, but be aware that when the weather is perfect, it can get quite crowded.

Location: near Middletown, Connecticut

Photo: Tripadvisor
Photo: Tripadvisor
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Dean's Ravine Falls

Dean's Ravine Falls, located in Canaan, Connecticut created along Reed Brook. The falls were previously a "must-see" location along the 2,180-mile Appalachian Trail, but in the early 1980s, the trail was rerouted through Sharon, Connecticut, west of the Housatonic River. It is currently accessible from a parking area at the junction of Music Mountain Road and Cream Hill Road via The Mohawk Trail.

After a short (15 minutes) climb, one may easily reach Dean's Ravine Falls. This expansive and beautiful waterfall, which descends sharply, starts at Reed Brook and surges relentlessly into the Housatonic River, leaping over anything that stands in its way. It makes several minor falls throughout its route, with its biggest leap measuring over 50 feet.

Dean's Ravine, which is situated in an untamed ravine bordered by lush, evergreen forests, is breathtaking to see at any time of year. But if you want to see a ferociously roaring waterfall, go in the spring or right after a significant downpour.

Location: Canaan, Connecticut

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Spruce Brook Falls

Spruce Brook Falls is located in the west block of the Naugatuck State Forest. It is a sizable area of land west of Route 8 and one of the forest's five blocks. There are multipurpose trails for more than 16 kilometers (non-motorized except snowmobiles). The Spruce Brook falls, which culminate in a sizable cascade in a ravine at the end of the blue route, are the main draws. Two overlooks are also present, one towards the conclusion of the red trail and the other. Up the purple trail two miles. Both offer views of Route 8 and the valley of the Naugatuck River.

Spruce Brook's greatest and main falls plunge 15 feet to a frothy pool below. More cascades, a tiny natural waterslide, and numerous rock and water pools can be found downstream for hikers who stick with the trails.

The best views are from above, and they are a prize for those who are willing to make the occasionally treacherous, hard, and steep climb up to the higher Spruce Brook Falls. This waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Connecticut.

Location: Beacon Falls, Connecticut

Photo: MikeGetsLost
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Southford Falls

Southford Falls is partially artificial with a damaged dam pouring to the left and a rocky drop of around 10 feet. As Eightmile Brook continues to flow downstream, there is further fall that totals roughly 50 feet. A covered bridge is located at the bottom. The current structure was built in 1972 as a replica of the original, which was constructed in 1802. Although it is sound, it is clearly getting older. The spur trail up to the watch tower is about a half mile away from the covered bridge. You must climb a bank along the trail to glimpse the Eightmile Brook ravine, which the trail meanders along.

Despite not being the largest or most impressive waterfall in Connecticut, Southford Falls is nevertheless well worth a visit. The remnants of the previous mill that once stood in this location can be seen in the stonework surrounding the falls. If you look closer, you'll discover that this waterfall is a natural wonder rather than something that was artificially created.

The walk departs from the parking lot and passes alongside Paper Mill Pond through a sizable forest. A picnic spot that also doubles as a fishing facility for people with disabilities is situated directly close to the sea. You can observe the falls from either side since you are just above them. Following the fence will get you up close to the bottom of the falls while taking the bridge will take you to the ledge above them.

Location: Southbury, Connecticut

Photo: Tripadvisor
Photo: Tripadvisor
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