Top 12 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Slovenia

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Slovenia's waterfalls are natural wonders, accompanied by incredible natural environments that will make you feel like you’re in paradise. Therefore, the majority of them are famous destinations. Let's take a look at some of them most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia.

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Kozjak waterfall

The Kozjak waterfalls are a protected natural treasure of Slovenia and are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. These 15 meters tall waterfalls are located not very far from Kobarid, above the emerald-green Soča River. With its tall, black walls covered in limestone sediments, similar to those seen in karstic caves, this well-known natural attraction gives off an image of a heavenly corner hidden from the rest of the world. Therefore, these waterfalls are considered to be the most mysterious of Slovenia’s waterfalls.

The steep walls of the Kozjak waterfalls keep a nice coolness and slightly lower temperatures, making them a great place to go for a walk on hot summer days. You can access the waterfall through a designated hiking trail. It concludes with a terrace that offers a surreal view of the rocky amphitheater with a green pool and a white beam of water. In some areas, it is accented by small wooden bridges.

The pool under the Kozjak waterfalls is unfortunately not suitable for bathing. This is done to help preserve the original experience of the waterfalls for all visitors. However, you can still swim in bathing areas next to the Soča, Nadiža, etc next to the waterfalls.

Moreover, on the way to Kozjak waterfalls, you can see the remnants of World War I trenches and various forts. Many people love this while visiting these waterfalls since it's quite hard to imagine that this peaceful and serene place used to suffer numerous battles for years. With its beautiful nature and rich history, it is no surprise that the Kozjak waterfalls have been an increasingly popular destination that appeared all over social networks.

Location: Kozjak, Kobarid, Slovenia.

Video: Dani Travel TV
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Peričnik waterfall

Peričnik Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls among waterfalls in Slovenia. There are actually two Peričnik waterfalls: The powerful 52 meters high lower waterfall, and the upper 16 meters high waterfall. These twin waterfalls are breathtakingly beautiful all seasons long, however, when winter comes, the waterfall turns into innumerable icicles in various shades from green to blue, making the site a truly spectacular natural wonder of Slovenia.

One special thing about Peričnik Waterfall is that you can walk behind and under the waterfall and admire it from an unusual view. However, you should be very careful since the path is wet and slippery. Good hiking shoes and a bit of experience will be a big help! Moreover, you need to come prepared with a plastic bag and cloth to protect your camera, since it will get wet even though you are still at a safe distance from the waterfall. One fact you might want to know is, the waterfall has the best photo conditions before noon.

The trek to get to the Peričnik Waterfall is nice and easy. You can reach the higher and the lower waterfall in just around 10-15 minutes from the mountain hut Koča pri Peričniku. The waterfall is accessible both by bike or on foot by traveling from Mojstrana to the Vrata valley through a clearly designated track.

Location: Mojstrana, Gorenjska Jesenice, Slovenia.

Photo: Fine Stay Slovenia
Photo: Fine Stay Slovenia
Video: Reinhard Biller
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Martuljek waterfalls

Below mountain Špik - one of the most attractive Slovenian mountains, lie two majestic waterfalls named the Martuljek waterfalls. The Upper Martuljek waterfall, which cascades down over 110 meters of sheer rock, is particularly impressive. The route there is pretty simple, but the route to the area around the waterfall is only suitable for experienced mountaineers. The Lower Martuljek waterfall plunges over the 400-meter-long, 50-meter-high Martuljek gorge, which is made of limestone. It is recommended to visit both waterfalls in the late spring when they are the most abundant due to the melting snow.

Martuljek waterfalls are breathtaking in every sense of the word. The two waterfalls are beautiful, and the cold wind that the waterfall made will literary take your breath away. However, many people are excited to visit these waterfalls because of the trail that leads to them. The scenery of the forest is amazing, as many feel like they were jumping into a scene in the Lord of the Rings with a lot of green moss on the huge rocks while walking in the woods. The whole experience gives people a special kind of energy, almost fairytale-like.

Martuljek waterfalls can be reached with sports shoes but it is better that you have proper hiking shoes. And a wonderful trip to the waterfalls is not complemented without homemade food from a well-known ‘Pri Ingotu’ cabin and a visit to the charcoal pile on the way. one note though, drones are also not allowed here.

Location: Triglav National Park, Gozd Martuljek, Slovania.

Photo: Kranjska Gora
Photo: Kranjska Gora
Video: Reinhard Biller
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Fratarica's Waterfalls

Fratarica's waterfalls or the waterfalls in Fratarica stream are a perfect spot for those who are adventurous and adrenaline lovers. These waterfalls are located in the valley of river Koritnica, which is known to be the valley of a hundred waterfalls in Slovenia. The Fratarica stream flows into Koritnica at Log Pod Mangartom and creates many wonderful waterfalls of all shapes and sizes. Among those wonderful waterfalls, the biggest and most exciting ones are the two waterfalls: the 20 meters high Cathedral and the dizzying 45 meters magnificent Parabola.

Aside from its natural beauty, Fratarica's waterfalls with many challenging cascading waterfalls are also famous for being the most popular canyoning location in Slovenia. Fratarica Canyon is a true canyoning experience, as you can expect everything - from jumping into numerous pools, descending high natural slides, and experiencing exciting descents using ropes on mighty waterfalls. However, since it is quite dangerous to canyon through strong waterfalls, one will need to have proper canyoning equipment including a wetsuit, boots, helmet, and slide pants. Moreover, all canyoning participants must be able to swim, have climbing experience, be physically healthy, and not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

You can visit Fratarica's waterfalls by a trail that leads between the fire station and Mangart Tavern, crossing the Koritnica river and veering left towards the Fratarica. The waterfalls in the upper course of the Fratarica stream are not very easily accessible, and the path can be demanding in some places.

Location: Triglav National Park, Gozd Martuljek, Slovania.

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Boka waterfall

Boka waterfall is one of the most water-rich and mightiest waterfalls in Slovenia and also in Europe, with a total height of 144 meters and a width of 18 meters. Boka Waterfall flows across a rocky shelf for about 30 meters (98 feet) before falling over them as a magnificent waterfall. This happens in two not-so-clearly separated stages, of which the top one has a height of 106 meters (348 ft), and the lower one 33 meters (108 ft). Below the Boka Waterfall is the shortest stream in Slovenia, Boka Creek. This stream flows over a steep valley with stony bottom and empties into the Soča River after just less than 1 kilometer.

The waterfall alone is a feast to the eyes, but the view of the vertical rocky walls with Boka waterfall in the center is absolutely stunning and photogenic, especially in spring and autumn, when the snow melts and larger quantities of rainfall help the waterfall to achieve the greatest flow. During these times of the year, the flow of the waterfall is between some tens of liters per second and more than 10 m³/s, which is extremely impressive.

Boka waterfall is a part of Slovenia culture, as there is a cruel folk story about this waterfall. The story goes like this: "A boy and a girl who went up the hill to collect mushrooms were hungry and knocked on the door of a small house, where they found an old lady, who gave them food. But the good old lady was not as good as it first seemed, she wants to kill them with her axe. The boy caught her sharpening the axe, then kill her with the very same axe. Her blood changed into a waterfall that was named the Boka Waterfall."

While visiting Boka waterfall, it's worth climbing higher than the official viewpoint, since the view gets better and better. One needs to have good shoes and good hiking skills to do so. This is unfortunately not suitable for families with small children that can't walk.

Location: Podklopca, Bovec, Slovenia.

Photo: House Parabola
Photo: House Parabola
Video: Enrico Cif Drone Video
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Rinka waterfall

Rinka Waterfall is Slovenia's proclaimed natural heritage feature due to its size and beauty and is one of the most beautiful and famous waterfalls in all of Slovenia. It is also the highest waterfall in the Logar Valley and the second highest in Slovenia because of its tremendous drop of over 100 meters with no break. It is said that the waterfall is fed by water from the Okrešelj region, and is the Savinja River's source.

Rinka Waterfall is one of the most outstanding attractions in the Nature Park Logar Valley that attract tourists all year long. The waterfall is popular for its beauty, and also for the variety of activities that visitors can do while visiting it. All year long, visitors have access to great vantage points to enjoy the view, they can also walk across the top of the waterfall. Visitors who want to take great pictures are advised to visit the waterfall early in the morning. In summer, it is enjoyable to take a refreshing bath at the bottom of the waterfall. In the winter, it is perfect for ice climbing.

Rinka Waterfall is also famous for having a unique cafe clinging to a rocky crag right next to the waterfall. This cafe provides the best view of the cascading water, as well as great spots to rest, have a meal, drink some hot coffee, and enjoy the breathtaking waterfall for hikers and day-trippers. The perfect experience includes walking all the way up to the waterfall and feeling the small drops on your face.

Location: Logar Valley, Logarska Dolina, Slovenia.

Photo: Logarska dolina
Photo: Logarska dolina
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Šumik waterfalls

In the heart of Pohorje’s jungle, the Lobnica stream runs through a wonderful gorge - a wild, steep, and full of moist rocks covered with moss, and jumps over two picturesque waterfalls on its way to the Drava valley. These two harmonious waterfalls are Šumik Waterfalls, and they are two of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. The two waterfalls actually have their own names, which are Veliki Šumik (meaning the Great Šumik) and Mali Šumik (meaning the Small Šumik).

Šumik Waterfalls is a must-see spot for visitors who want to hike in the primeval forest of the Natural Park Pohorje. In fact, many people put these waterfalls on top of their list when traveling to Slovenia. If you look at the picture of these waterfalls, you'll understand why they are so famous. The waterfalls give off a mysterious feeling for visitors as if they've just wandered into an untouched ancient forest. Therefore, a walk to the waterfalls will absolutely amaze adventure seekers who admire pristine natural surroundings.

Šumik waterfalls can be reached after a short descent between the steep slopes along the Lobnica stream, but the trail to the waterfalls is rather difficult. However, at the end of the trail, you will be rewarded with a truly fantastic scene of unspoiled nature.

Location: Planina pod Šumikom, Slovenia.

Photo: SloveniaGuide
Photo: SloveniaGuide
Photo: SloveniaGuide
Photo: SloveniaGuide
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Savica waterfall

Your time spent in Slovenia would not be complete without a day trip to one of the country's greatest waterfalls - the Savica Waterfall. This breathtaking waterfall is hidden amidst the steep walls of the Triglav National Park, fed by the waters from the Valley of the Triglav Lakes, and is the source of the Sava Bohinjka. It is known under the name of Savica to the spot where it flows into Lake Bohinj.

The Savica Waterfall is also one of a kind - each drop of the waterfall is doubled and creates the most unique natural phenomenon in the world since the waterfall springs up in the open amidst the steep wall, then elegantly drops in two sections 78 meters down into the green water basin, create a unique A-shape. It is a very inspirational sight that has often been written about by well-known Slovenian poets and writers. For example, it was imortalised by Slovene poet France Prešeren in his poem 'Krst pri Savici'.

To reach the Savica Waterfall, it is approximately 30 minutes walk up a thickly forested slope. The waterfall is usually accessed from the Savica lodge, accessible from the western part of Lake Bohinj. Alternatively, you can drive approx 4 km from Ukanc and park at the small hut near the entrance. Is necessary to pay an entrance fee to see the waterfall.

Location: Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia.

Photo: Trekhunt
Photo: Trekhunt
Video: KataKrisz
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Virje waterfall

If you're traveling along the emerald river Soča (Slovenia), you definitely don't want to miss out on this spectacular waterfall named Virje Waterfall. this multi-stranded waterfall is created by the Glijun stream and fed by the subterranean waters of the Kanin mountain range. The waterfall is only 12 meters high but can be very powerful in springtime. However, it also can run almost dry in the dry season. Therefore, the best time to visit this waterfall is after heavy rainfall or late springtime when there is a lot of melted snow.

Under the Virje Waterfall, there is a bright green pool, caught between lush growth and moss-covered rocks. The pool is almost as loved as the waterfall, by both locals and visitors. Visiting this waterfall, you can enjoy the beauty of the emerald green pool and take a swim in the refreshing water. However, the water could be quite cold and not very pleasant for some people. A little further down, the stream flows into the Soča river.

You can go to the Virje Waterfall from Bovec city, but there're no signs, so navigation and local guides could be a big help. From the parking lot, you can already see the waterfall, and the walk from there is very easy.

Location: Goriška – Tolmin, Slovenia.

Photo: European Waterfalls
Photo: European Waterfalls
Video: Gábor József Francsics
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Šum waterfall

If you want to find a good spot for meditation in nature, the Šum waterfall which is located in the Triglav National Park could be perfect for you. This 22 meters high waterfall is the highest waterfall in Slovenia and is one of the three river waterfalls in Slovenia, hidden in a narrow valley in the enchanting forest of Vintgar Gorge. The waterfall falls down to a deep and clean pool. Although the waterfall has water all through the year, most water can be seen in spring and autumn, when it rains more than in other seasons. Especially in autumn, when the leaves turn red, the waterfall and its surrounding forest become a literal paradise.

The Šum waterfall can be viewed from a wooden bridge and a wooden platform below the waterfall. This spot will give you the chance to see the waterfall from a bird's perspective, which is a very unique way to witness a waterfall's beauty. After visiting the waterfall you can walk through Vintgar Gorge and view the galleries and other natural beauties along the trail. Especially, this waterfall is an ancient hidden gem with a healing hot thermal spring. Therefore, you can also follow the educational trail which leads through the forest to the ancient Roman thermal bath. The thermal spring has about 20°C and two small basins were built in 1954 for treatment of the rheumatism patients.

Location: Blejska Dobrava, Slovenia

Photo: Flickr
Photo: Flickr
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Govic Waterfall

The next waterfall on our list is also a very unique waterfall in Slovenia. The Govic Waterfall is not visible all year long, because you can only see it after heavy rainfall and only a few hours after it gushes out from the cave on the southern hillside of Prsivec, then falls down to the Bohinj Lake. This only happens a few times a year and is quite unpredictable, which makes the experience of seeing this waterfall a very unique one. The waterfall is an exceptionally interesting karst phenomenon, and more than three centuries ago it was drawn and described by the polymath historian Janez Vajkard Valvasor.

In dry weather, only the riverbed below the cave is visible, above which is the entrance to the shaft. The bottom of the shaft reaches below the level of Lake Bohinj. The eruption of water is best seen from the area of the Ukanc campground Zlatorog. Therefore, you can still hike up to the cave where the Govic Waterfall begins. However, the trip to the cave is only possible with a guide, some proper navigational skills, and appropriate equipment, since the hiking trail has a lot of slippery rocks.

Location: Ukanc - Bohinjsko Jozero, Slovenia.

Photo: PhotoHound
Photo: PhotoHound
Photo: Tripadviser
Photo: Tripadviser
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Susec Waterfall

The last waterfall on this list is one of the lesser-known waterfalls in Slovenia - the Susec Waterfall. Similar to the Govic Waterfall, this waterfall is only active during long rainy periods or winter and drys up in the summer. This may explain why the waterfall got its name since the word "susec" in Slovene means "dry". You have the best chance to see the water flow in its glory in spring, autumn, or after heavy rains.

Despite being a lesser-known waterfall, the Susec Waterfall is equally impressive as the others mentioned in this list and has been a great getaway spot for many people. The waterfall reflects the essence of Mother Nature, with peaceful songs of birds, sun gazing through trees, and water running so powerful, yet so gentle.

The Susec Waterfall is free to visit, and the trail to the waterfall is not very hard either. However, since the most ideal time to visit this waterfall is after heavy rains, the trail can get a bit challenging because you will have to walk over slippery rocks that are covered with moss. You can reach the waterfall from the city center in about 10 minutes. Just follow the signs for "Slap Sušec".

Location: Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia.

Video: Patrik Lovrin

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