Top 6 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in New Zealand

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New Zealand is a country with many beautiful landscapes, especially waterfalls. It is an amazing region to enjoy serene waterfalls. Let's discover the most beautiful waterfalls in New Zealand!

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Sutherland Falls

In New Zealand's South Island, Sutherland Falls is located close to Milford Sound. The falls, at 580 meters, was once thought to be New Zealand's tallest waterfall. Some people believe Browne Falls, which cascades 843 meters down a cliff in Doubtful Sound, to be the largest waterfall because Terror Falls, in the nearby Poseidon Valley, are both 750 meters high.

Three waterfalls of water descend from Lake Quill: the highest is 229 meters high, the middle is 248 meters high, and the bottom is 103 meters high. The average fall gradient is roughly 56 degrees because of the 580 m vertical drop and 480 m horizontal drop.

The Sutherland Falls is nourished by Lake Quill, a little circular lake that fills a small granite basin that was carved out by glacier action during the Ice Age and empties almost directly into a valley below. The best view is from above during a helicopter flight when the lake behind the waterfall is framed by snow-capped mountains during the colder months.

Location: Fiordland National Park, South Island

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Wairere Falls

The Kaimai escarpment is traversed by Wairere Falls, the highest waterfall in New Zealand's North Island, which drops 153 meters (500 feet) in two steps.

Between Te Aroha and Matamata is where the waterfall may be found. From the parking lot at the end of Goodwin Road, a walking path ascends the stream valley to a viewing platform. From there, it continues up the hill to the top of the plateau and the peak of the falls. After reaching the peak, one can continue on the North-South path that circles the Kaimai Ranges.

The falls, which are located in the Kaimai Mountain range, are reachable by a trail that starts in a parking lot off Goodwin Road. The trail leads to a constructed viewing platform close to the top of the falls, from which you can enjoy a stunning view of the falls and the valley below. You should read the poetry about the falls on an interesting plaque at the trailhead before you hike. Wairere Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in New Zealand.

Location: Waikato, New Zealand

Photo: tripadvisor
Photo: tripadvisor
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Huka Falls

Lake Taupō located on the Waikato River in New Zealand is a series of waterfalls known as Huka Falls. The Waikato River narrows from a gorge that is around 100 meters wide to one that is about 15 meters wide a few hundred meters upstream from Huka Falls. The canyon is carved into sediments from the lake bed that was deposited before the Oruanui eruption of Taupō Volcano 26,500 years ago.

Huka Falls is situated on the Waikato River, which narrows before the falls, creating a region of intense pressure and water velocity. The river gorge and falls in Taupo on the North Island were gouged out of the surrounding sedimentary rock over eons of relentless beating.

The local government now regulates the flow, and the falls are a popular tourist destination because of their beauty and accessibility. The falls are also notorious for the late 1980s discovery of the bound body of a national sports hero, which revealed a sleazy aspect of the local culture that most people would prefer to forget.

Location: Taupō, New Zealand

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Purakaunui Falls

Purakaunui Falls is situated 5 kilometers from the river's outlet into the Pacific Ocean and 17 kilometers southwest of the little town of Owaka. They are accessible via a parking lot on the Waikoato Valley/Purakaunui Falls Road, a gravel detour off the main Owaka-Invercargill road, through a quick 10-minute bush hike. A picnic area and restrooms are available. Tourists traveling along the Southern Scenic Route frequently take the brief, well-signposted detour to the falls, which is also extensively noted in local tourism literature.

If you want to make a long day journey out of it, the falls are around 2 hours from each of the towns of Invercargill and Dunedin. The falls are about a 15-minute walk from the parking lot on Purakaunui Falls Road and were featured on a postage stamp in the late 1970s due to their stunning appearance. If you want to stay all day, the picnic tables and restrooms are both useful amenities.

Although the Purakaunui Falls are not located within the Catlins Conservation Park, they are encircled by native podocarp and silver beech trees in a 5-square-kilometer scenic reserve. Wheelchair users can access a tiny viewing deck near the top of the falls. At the base of the 20-meter-tall, three-tiered cascade, there are more steps that lead down to the main viewing platform.

Location: The Catlins, South Island, New Zealand
Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia
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Kitekite Falls

Kitekite Falls is located near Auckland, New Zealand. The falls plunge 40 meters in total. White water flows over rocks from the upper swimming hole into a small pool, then down into a large pool, then down to a small pool, before starting an almost vertical descent in the final 3-tiers, making the total height closer to 80 meters. This makes the falls appear even higher from the lookout on Kitekite Track. They are situated along Piha Beach's Glen Esk stream.

Since 1910, when logs were pushed downstream to the Piha Mill, the area near Kitekite Falls has been used for kauri milling. Up until 1921, the mill was in operation close to the waterfall. The area's mature trees were all down. The notches in the rocks may be clearly seen at the peak of the falls.

The surrounding rock and the narrow falls are almost completely covered in dense flora, giving them a prehistoric appearance. It is close enough to the well-known Piha Beach to combine the two locations into a superb day trip. Kitekite Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in New Zealand.

Location: near Auckland, New Zealand
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Thunder Creek Falls

The Haast River is fed by Thunder Creek Falls, a 28 meters high cascade. The cascade is fueled by water from melting glaciers, and the surroundings are immaculate. A large spout of water jutting out from the mountains, Thunder Creek Falls is named aptly. It is unquestionably among the best places to visit on the South Island.

You may find several spectacular hidden gems, including the stunning Thunder Creek Falls, along the winding roads that head south towards Wanaka and Queenstown on New Zealand's stunning West Coast.

This well-traveled route takes you through New Zealand's glacier country, lovely woods, and mountainous regions. However, it might be simple to overlook some features, such as Thunder Creek Falls, as you become engrossed in the breathtaking panoramas. Most of the time, all that is needed to direct you is a simple sign that may be obscured by a tree. The waterfall is made up of one single stream that bursts out from the steep cliffs that line the Haast River. That cliff is covered in thick, green, lush vegetation.

Location: Westland, New Zealand


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