Coconut Meat

The term "coconut meat" defines the white, high-fiber, and high-healthy fat inside of a coconut. It provides a variety of essential minerals, such as copper and manganese.

An ounce of coconut meat that has been chopped up has 5 grams of fiber and just 2 grams of carbs. Most of this fiber is insoluble, meaning that it doesn’t get digested. Instead, it works to move food through your digestive system and aids bowel health. You may eat pieces of coconut meat or add coconut flakes into any recipe you like. It gives both sweet and savory dishes a comforting nutty flavor. Popular keto recipes with coconut meat include no-bake coconut dessert bars, coconut macaroons, and toasted coconut chips.

Coconut Meat
Coconut Meat
Coconut Meat
Coconut Meat

Top 10 Best High-Fiber Keto Foods

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  8. top 8 Eggplant
  9. top 9 Purple Cabbage
  10. top 10 Chia Seeds

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