Top 10 Best Market Research Courses

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Market research allows you to assess key trends to predict how the market might change. This is an essential step in identifying new market segments, ... read more...

  1. Nowadays, there is fierce competition in every industry. It is critical to identify your target competitors and evaluate their techniques in order to discover their strengths and shortcomings in comparison to those of your own product or service. This amazing training will provide a fantastic framework to assist marketers and newcomers like you in uncovering the secrets of your competition in an entirely new way.

    In this course, "Competitor Analysis Masterclass (Phenomenal Edition 2022)," you will study new-age methods to be aware of what the competitor is doing - the tools that they are currently employing to drive their firm to successful heights in digital marketing. A few hidden tools will also assist you in monitoring your competitors' emails, discovering the most important SEO (search engine optimization) suggestions, and keyword research. You will also understand how much traffic your competitors' websites receive and how much revenue they may earn in a certain time period.

    In this regard, this is a comprehensive course that will assist you in developing a roadmap to defeat your competitors' strategies - but only if the tools taught are practiced and implemented by you with full efforts. Nonetheless, be prepared to improve your conversion rates and customer satisfaction once you implement these strategies in your niche or business. Competitor analysis is not tough. In reality, this course appears to be a piece of cake. This is not a SWOT analysis. Here you will find only useful tips, methods, tricks, tools, and secrets.

    What you will learn:

    • Understand technologies that your competitors are using to help you to conduct an exhaustive research
    • Find growth areas existing in the market to take your business forward to success in 2022.
    • Analyze your competitor websites, traffic and target audience to leverage for better marketing results
    • Analyze your competitor's keywords to help in organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Track your competitors brand mentions in real-time
    • Know about the advertising campaigns of your competitors and avoid their mistakes

    Udemy rating: 4.8/5.0

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  2. Welcome to the most comprehensive course on current and practical market research. They conducted market research for major corporations such as Sony PlayStation and two Google-backed startups. They studied market research at Philip Kotler's Kellogg Institution of Management, the world's top-ranked marketing school. As a marketing consultant and marketing manager at various levels up to Vice President, Ithey've done marketing for consumer products, B2B products, digital products, and physical items. A world-class market research counsel will teach you the latest and best marketing tactics. Discover the tools, methodologies, hacks, and quick fixes for all of your market research issues.

    Major Market Research Sections:

    • Introduction to the 3 types of market research & the 3 types of data
    • Exploratory research, including interviews, focus groups, and case studies
    • Competitor analysis using various approaches and techniques (including a 1-page competitor analysis template)
    • Descriptive market research, including surveys, evidence-based copywriting, and funnel optimization and measurements
    • Causal market research, including A/B testing and the 3 critical things to test with direct-response marketing
    • How to size markets & demand using various tools and approaches
    • Empirical and longitudinal research on how brands grow, including the 7 rules for brand growth from Byron Sharp
    • The customer decision journey
    • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
    • Marketing psychology research
    • How to find buyers and partners using various techniques and tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Sparktoro
    • Data and media analysis
    • Service market research
    • Product marketing analytics

    Key Market Research Topics:

    • Market Research & Marketing Research
    • Market Research Analysis & Market Research Analyst Training
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Marketing Analytics & Marketing Analysis
    • Research Methods
    • Qualitative Research & Quantitative Research
    • Consumer Analytics
    • Web Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Udemy rating: 4.6/5.0

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  3. With the information boom that has accompanied the advent of the internet, it is common to believe that any information needed can be discovered via Google. A professional approach to supporting marketing decisions with well-founded data necessitates the abilities covered in this course. The course is designed to be a practical step-by-step guide to market research, providing a structure for those who plan to conduct research on their own or who wish to commission research on their behalf.

    Each stage of the market research process is discussed in detail, beginning with the understanding that market research is not the same as "seeing what you can find" on a specific topic or issue, but rather a structured and systematic approach to developing a picture that can support business decisions, form part of a business development, or act as a foundation for marketing strategy. Any company's focus should be on continuous marketing research. Whatever size your company is, knowing what your customers think, how the market evolves, and what your competitors are doing should be a constant emphasis.

    What you will learn:

    • Ten steps process to Market Research
    • Learn to do a MR brief
    • Design effective questionnaires
    • Learn research metodologies
    • Discover the role of data

    Udemy rating: 4.5/5.0

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  4. An Introduction to Online Quantitative Market Research ranks 4th in the list of the best Market Research courses. Let's face it: businesses today must move quickly to preserve a competitive edge, and making data-driven decisions is now a need for any organization to thrive. Basic knowledge and skills in market research are increasingly becoming the norm for everyone in the organization, not just those with the title "research." Understanding how to develop and conduct market research is vital whether you work in marketing, finance, human resources, or as a student preparing to enter the profession.

    They created this course based on their knowledge and experience working directly in the research business for over ten years. They've worked on both the buy and sell sides of research, so they understand the difficulties that people experience when attempting to answer crucial business questions through market research.

    This course focuses on one sort of research: online market research, which collects data using mobile or web-based questionnaires. Online research can provide you with scalable data quickly, but slight errors in your research design might have serious consequences for data quality.

    What you will learn:

    • Get an overview of the market research industry
    • Learn how to design better surveys that don't bias or steer respondents
    • Learn how to program surveys using industry standard tools like Qualtrics
    • Learn how to clean and process your data
    • Learn how to effectively visualize and analyze your data
    • Learn how to make better, and faster business decisions through online market research

    Udemy rating: 4.4/5.0
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  5. Your marketing adventure begins right here! The first course in this specialization establishes the groundwork for a successful overall marketing strategy. There are two sections: Market Research and Consumer Behavior. In the Market Research module, you will learn how to translate a decision problem into a research question using tools and procedures. Learn how to create a research plan, evaluate data, and accurately interpret and convey survey outcomes, resulting in actionable suggestions.

    Then you'll zoom in on the customer decision-making process, highlighting important stages from detecting a need to purchasing and consuming a product. Adopt a true "consumer focus" in your managerial decisions by investigating how consumers make decisions, what happens (in their hearts and minds) at various stages of the decision-making process, and the variables that influence those decisions. This course will provide you with the knowledge you need to understand the current state of your product before embarking on a market strategy. There is no better place to lay the groundwork for your marketing journey!

    What you will learn:

    • Market Research
    • Consumer Behaviour
    • Data Analysis

    Coursera rating: 4.4/5.0

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  6. Your competitors are the best case study in the world. If you want to grow your business, you need to learn from their strengths & weaknesses. At least that’s what the most successful and fastest-growing businesses do: they study their competition. Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Discover A Simple Way To Analyze Your Competitors

    • Simple strategy to identify your competitors in less than 5 minutes
    • Analyze your competition like a business analyst & consultant
    • Perform strategy audits

    This course will teach you how to do competitive research like a professional marketing consultant. After providing you a brief overview of their straightforward and user-friendly research process, they'll go over how to research your competition. These lessons cover how to set up an Excel spreadsheet to organize all of your data, three methods for identifying competitors, and how to use the No. 1 competitive research tool for free.

    Following that, they'll go over how to establish four types of audits: general audits, content audits, social media audits, and email marketing audits. They've also included templates to assist you easily grasp your competitors' content, social media, and growth strategy. By the end of this training, you'll be able to conduct professional competitor research and take the necessary steps to massively grow your business!

    What you will learn:

    • How to analyze your competitors and grow your business
    • Step-by-step instructions to find your competitors in less than 5 minutes
    • How to use the #1 competitive analysis tool for free
    • Quick & easy way to determine site traffic with SimilarWeb
    • Why you have to perform content, website, social media & email marketing audits
    • Templates & Swipe Files

    Udemy rating: 4.3/5.0

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  7. "How to conduct market research in startups and small firms?" ranks 7th in the list of the Best Market Research Courses. Inadequate market research leads to many business blunders. That's why they built this hands-on course for you, so you can see how, for almost no money, you may research many crucial variables such as the size of the market or a specific section, the sales strategies of competitors, client preferences, and so on.

    This training is based on their 15 years of experience as a consultant in top consulting companies and as a Board Member responsible for strategy, performance improvement, and turnarounds in the largest firms they worked with in the Retail, FMCG, SMG, B2B, and services sectors. They have carried out or managed over 90 different performance improvement projects in various industries, resulting in a total of $2 billion in added EBITDA. They have personally educated over 100 consultants, business analysts, and managers who are now Partners in PE and VC funds, Investment Directors and Business Analysts in PE and VC, Operational Directors, COO, CRO, CEO, Directors in Consulting Companies, Board Members, and so on. Furthermore, the Udemy courses have already been taken by over 124 000 students, including people from EY, Walmart, Booz Allen Hamilton, Adidas, Naspers, Alvarez & Marsal, PwC, Dell, Walgreens, Orange, and many others.

    What you will learn:

    • Spy on your competitors
    • Estimate the size of the market and value of customers
    • Draw conclusion on the structure of the market
    • Find ideas how to develop your business
    • Validate your ideas for new business using market data

    Udemy rating: 4.3/5.0

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  8. Welcome to Market Research: A-Z Fundamentals with Case Studies, a BESTSELLER comprehensive course designed to teach you all you need to know to become a PRO Market Research Analyst. This course will provide you with the practical and applicable skills and strategies needed to master this subject, regardless of your prior experience. If you want to understand MR as a function, upskill yourself with this in-demand skill, or perhaps create a career in this industry solving real-world business challenges, you've come to the perfect spot!

    They'll walk you through the whole Market Research process using entertaining video tutorials and teach you all you need to know to succeed as a Market Research Analyst in this course. Through well-designed case studies, you will be able to comprehend market research as a function in its totality. They incorporated brief demos and built the case studies to show how Market Research is done in the real world. They completed the activities outlined in Data Collection, Data Analysis, Derived and Validated Inferences, Visualized, and Developed the Final Market Research Report to be presented.

    This course was developed by combining knowledge, experience, abilities, techniques, and expertise in market research, consulting, and strategy. They've also added realistic and dependable strategies that take into account the concerns, challenges, and roadblocks that analysts confront in order to make the entire process more efficient for you.

    They will teach you everything you need to know to become a well-equipped market researcher or analyst in this course of 30+ lectures and over 4.5 hours of on-demand video training. The course will teach you how to solve real-world business challenges and make a difference by recommending solutions and developing effective company strategies. However, it is not restricted to theory. Through case studies, you will be able to practically master the entire process of conducting market research, from defining the objectives and scope to delivering accurate and relevant solutions.

    What you will learn:

    • Master the complete step-by-step process of conducting Market Research through Case Studies to gain Practical and
    • Usable Skills
    • Study the types of Market Research (Primary & Secondary), Data Sources, Tools, Research Methodologies and Applications
    • Obtain in-depth knowledge and importance of Market Research as a function
    • Go from a beginner to a PRO Market Research Analyst
    • Learn how to conduct Market Sizing, Forecasting and Data Analysis
    • Study how to analyse Competitive Landscape and identify Trends, Patterns & Market Dynamics
    • Study how to identify Customers’ Needs & Wants, Pain-points and understand their product or service Usageb Experiences
    • Understand what not to do while conducting Market Research
    • Learn how to derive Insights & Inferences and draft appropriate Recommendations
    • Practically master the entire Market Research process from defining the Objectives and Scope, to delivering accurate and relevant Solutions

    Udemy rating: 4.2/5.0
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  9. This course is essential whether you are a mobile app developer, run a mobile app business, or are interested in mobile app marketing. In this course, you will learn about Market Research. You will examine the environment in which firms and buyers interact. There are more than 3 million apps in today's marketplaces, such as the Apple Store, and competition is fierce, but there are some fishing spots where demand for an app is high (that means it will bring a lot of money for those who are "visible" on the chart), and competition is low or not so high (that means it is not impossible to become "visible" or even be in the top apps).

    They discussed groupings of apps and categories, as well as assessing niches, in the Niche Research course. In this session, you will examine certain mobile applications to see if there are any untapped revenue potential. There are some indicators known only to experienced appreneurs that loudly state that creating a similar app will bring you enormous amounts of money and allow you to rise to the top of the charts. All of this will be followed by hands-on exercises. This will require some effort on your part, but it will pay off many times over once completed.

    What you will learn:

    • How to find unexploited profitable business opportunities through marketplace research
    • How to analyze Top-50 apps from marketplace and decide where your next app should be
    • What you need to do to make your mobile app business thrive before you even think about an app
    • What strategy to use in mobile app marketing, even if you hate marketing like most mobile app development engineers do

    Udemy rating: 4.2/5.0
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  10. Save thousands of dollars and months by not pursuing the wrong business idea! In just 5 hours, you may market test your idea. You should know whether or not your idea will sell by tomorrow. Join over 1300 other delighted students. There is no prior experience required; they will carefully lead you through the contents, step by step. You'll get a sneak peek at vital, in-demand marketing skills and products like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Landing Page Optimization along the way! The first 15 students who complete the course within three days are entitled for a 15-minute consultation on their company idea.

    Your initial goal is to put your best company idea to the test, whether it's footwear accessories or a tutoring manifesto. After testing your idea, you'll have the data you need to decide whether to scale up your advertising and generate a ton of consumers or to set up another test to figure out how to make your idea more viable. The only thing you'll need is a laptop. They'll show you how to buy your own domain name along the road. If you follow the course's tips, you'll only need about $15-30 to get this test up and running.

    You will not get lost if you take this course. they'll show you exactly what they do at each stage of the process. They'll show you how to download the software you'll need step by step. they even hold office hours twice a month, during which you can ask them any questions you have live over video chat for an hour. If you are unable to attend the office hours, please send them an email or post a question on the discussion board.

    What you will learn:

    • The principles behind high-converting landing pages to get earning faster
    • Step-by-step, how to write great sales copy with research-back methods
    • The trick to getting a great deal on your domain to save over 80%
    • Basic HTML that you'll need to understand the page you'll create
    • How to create a landing page fast—the free way
    • How to add payment systems so you can receive money on your website
    • Why your customer's money is the best validation of a test you can receive
    • How to add page tracking via Google Analytics so you can make the most out of your quick test
    • How to add and use event tracking in Google Analytics so you can design a better page (and a better test)
    • How to create your first online advertising campaign for cheap using Google AdWords
    • How to track conversions to make simple decisions about the viability of your idea
    • How to use the data you are gathering to make great decisions about your business idea
    • Whether you should proceed with an idea, or whether to re-test an idea

    Google rating: 3.8/5.0

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