Top 10 Best Restaurants In Iran

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Many people associate Middle Eastern cuisine with charcoal-grilled meat, Kebab, and massive food amounts meant for sharing, which sometimes include Shisha and sweet desserts, particularly at traditional restaurants. Similarly, you will most likely discover the same cuisine on your Iran trip, however we recommend reading this page to learn about some of the greatest Iran restaurants.

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Shandiz Jordan Restaurant

Shandiz Jordan is unquestionably one of the top Iranian restaurants in Tehran. This restaurant is a top-rated dining destination in Iran, thanks to its magnificent architecture and well-trained staff. Jordan Shandiz is on Jordan Street in Tehran.

This restaurant is open and ready to provide savory Iranian cuisine. They also serve a range of Persian dishes and stews with dessert. Shandiz delivers nicely prepared kabab platters, particularly with exceptionally tender lamb. The salad bar is fantastic and alone is worth the trip. There are numerous beautiful details. Shish kebab is one of their top dishes.

Shandiz restaurant has always had a large number of domestic and international customers. One of the complex's attractions for foreign tourists is the restaurant's unusual architecture and décor, as well as its special service.

Special events, parties, business meetings, and ceremonies can all be held at Shandiz Jordan Restaurant. All guests can enjoy the most delectable Shandiz dishes while spending quality time with family and friends.

Rate: 4.4/5.0; 1731 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 3, Saba Blvd, Iran

Contact: +98 21 2205 4848
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Alborz Restaurant

Alborz Restaurant is a more traditional establishment and one of Tehran's oldest, serving its famed kebabs. Alborz has a clean environment and a professional staff. In this restaurant, you may have authentic Iranian Kebab that is enormous in size and delicious. However, a variety of meals with flavors from around the world are also offered.

Alborz restaurant began as a tiny barbecue in one of Tehran's districts in 1967, but four years later, in 1971, it was relocated to North Sohrevardi Street, near the corner of Niko Ghadam Alley. Alborz Restaurant still welcomes clients in the same place after more than 40 years.

They insist on only having one branch in Iran, which is located on Sohrevardi Street in Tehran. Instead of expanding the number of branches, they propose improving the quality of meals in a single branch.

Rate: 4.0/5.0; 694 reviews (Source: Google .com)
Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 7, Nikouqadam St, Iran
Contact: +98 21 8853 4757
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Shahrzad Restaurant

Shahrzad Restaurant is one of the oldest and most well-known restaurants in Isfahan, with a strong following among both locals and tourists. This restaurant, located in Chahar Bagh Abbasi, is embellished with turquoise tiles and Qajar sculptures (street). If you visit historical sites like Khaju Bridge or Zayandeh Rud, or if you stay at Ali Qapu Hotel in Isfahan, don't miss this restaurant, which is only a 5-minute walk away.

The affordable pricing of this restaurant, as well as the taste and perfume of Tahchin and their distinctive "Shahrzad Mahiche Baghali Polo," has attracted many tourists, so if you are seeking a secluded area to spend a few hours, this is not the place for you.

Stunning stained glass, classic designed plastered ceilings, traditional Persian architecture, lighting, colors, and, most importantly, food quality have all contributed to Shahrzad's popularity with visitors. This restaurant's menu includes some popular dishes, like Khoresht Mast, a popular appetizer among locals.

Rate: 4.0/5.0; 2167 reviews (Source: Google .com)
Address: Isfahan Province, Isfahan, Abbas Abad St, Iran
Contact: +98 31 3220 4490
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Haft Khan Restaurant

Haft Khan means seven tables in Persian. The restaurant complex features seven dining options, including five restaurants and two coffee shops. The restaurant's name was inspired by Shahname, a well-known Iranian poet. It is a really gorgeous and unique design that you have never seen before. The architecture of Haft Khan is a remarkable blend of modern and traditional elements, with stunning vistas of the Zagros Mountains' foothills.

This restaurant has seven floors, each with a unique view. It serves classic, Italian, and American cuisine to suit all tastes. When you enter the restaurant, they describe the food and the materials used to make the floor so you can make the best option. On the first floor, you may sample traditional Iranian cuisine and deserts from all throughout the country.

There are two menus to pick from Foroud, which serves local traditional cuisines such as Bakhtiari kebab, and Nofel, which serves foreign cuisine such as chateaubriand, as well as the Gissia Coffee Shop, which serves a range of hot drinks, snacks, and smoothies.

You can also listen to traditional music and take photos to remember this time in Iran.

Rate: 4.3/5.0; 2008 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: Shiraz, No. 17، Ayatollah Rabbani Blvd, Iran

Contact: +98 71 3227 0000
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Baghe Raaz Restaurant

Baghe Raaz (Persian for "secret garden") is a lovely garden-turned restaurant in Shiraz's Ghasr-Dasht, Shahid Blvd. It's made up of numerous sections, including inner space, open space in the garden, and unrivaled views of the roof, which was shown to you as an incredible view. As you approach the garden, a spectacular structure made of wood and glass appears.

There are two dining spaces to choose from. The Bam-neshin section is an exquisitee roof garden with the most spectacular nighttime view of the city. The Bagh-shin section is a flower-filled garden that resembles a tranquil green wilderness. All spaces are perfectly organized, with gorgeous black and red seats and lovely lights.

It has a separate menu within the garden and outdoors. The restaurant provided traditional fare prepared on a barbecue grill placed on the table. Besides, the Fattoush Salad, a restaurant delicacy, is a delectable blend of crisp fried flatbread, tomatoes, cucumbers, and veggies.

Rate: 3.9/5.0; 288 reviews (Source: Google .com)
Address: Fars Province, Shiraz, Shahed Boulevard، Iran
Contact: +98 71 3623 4000
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Marcopolo Restaurant

Marcopolo Restaurant is unquestionably one of the best options in Yazd for dining, meeting other visitors, or simply resting. This restaurant is a traditional restaurant on the roof of the Orient Hotel, which is located near the Jame mosque in Yazd. While enjoying your Persian supper, you get a spectacular view of Yazd and the Jame mosque.

Marcopolo Restaurant offers a variety of Persian cuisine in addition to a vegetarian menu to cater to the tastes of all visitors who visit this restaurant. Visitors may enjoy a delicious selection of stews, kebabs, and freshly baked bread while admiring the city's stunning skyline of minarets and domes. You can also get Persian Beverages and Iranian non-alcoholic beverages from the coffee shop menu. Yazd lentil soup is great, but it is not available every day.

Rooftop exploration is one of Yazd's must-do activities. You are invited to relax in the heart of Yazd's ancient city at the rooftop restaurant Marcopolo and view the majestic Masjed-e Jame and neighboring sites while having a hot or cold drink or eating (remember, the best time to visit this Marcopolo Cafe Restaurant on the roof is at sunset). The Marcopolo restaurant's courteous staff welcomes guests alone or in groups.

Rate: 3.6/5.0; 59 reviews (Source: Google .com)
Address: Orient Hotel, Yazd, Iran
Contact: +98 913 152 8686
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Toranj Food Complex

The Toranj historical residence was built during the Qajar period, during Nasser al-Din Shah's early reign, according to evidence collected during the reconstruction process.

The restoration procedure took four years, and now the Toranj food complex, with a taste of authentic Persian culture, has a fashionable and comfortable environment that contains four sections: a restaurant, a soda store, a photography studio, and a coffee shop. Toranj restaurant in Isfahan delivers a wide range of local and international foods, as well as herbal teas and traditional drinks.

Wearing the stunning Qajar era clothing in the picture studio will help you create an unforgettable memory.

This restaurant is located near the Armenian Hovhannes church in the Charso area, and its original owner, Mardiros Davidian, was originally from Jolfa, Isfahan, and was the head of the Cossack Brigade during the Qajar dynasty.

Rate: 4.1/5.0; 495 reviews (Source: Google .com)
Address: Isfahan, Marnan, Ramin Alley, Iran
Contact: +98 31 3629 3788
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Naghshe Jahan Traditional Restaurant

In Isfahan, Iran, the Naghshe Jahan Traditional restaurant is located on the eastern side of the world's second-largest square adjacent to the mosque of Sheikh Lotfollah This restaurant is a mix of historic and modern design, with a peaceful atmosphere ready to welcome guests looking for a fresh culinary and eating experience. Colorful sash windows in the manner of medieval Islamic architecture have added to the enjoyment of dining at Naghshe Jahan's Traditional Restaurant. This dining area combines traditional and modern styles, as well as classic Persian music and intriguing artwork on the walls, to create a cheerful environment for you.

This restaurant is one of the most well-known traditional restaurants in Isfahan, and a popular hangout for travelers from all over the world. This is enough to declare, in the definition of this restaurant, that its gorgeous environment draws visitors more than the quality of its cuisine. The restaurant's walls are decorated with Iranian artworks.

Of course, during the tourist season, it's difficult to find a table in this restaurant, but the long queues will convince you that it's worth it.

Rate: 3.8/5.0; 348 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: MM5H+59C, Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran

Contact: +98 31 3220 0729
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Grandma’s Table Restaurant

Grandma's Table Restaurant, located on Hakim Mosque Street, is a tiny location with a very private environment, owned by a respected family in Isfahan with good taste.

The menu of Grandma's Table changes every week, and this restaurant serves lesser-known traditional Isfahan foods. This quaint nook is well-known for its affordable and wonderful meals, and several foreign Instagram influencers have praised it in their reviews.

When you visit Grandma's Table restaurant, you may be served a bit late and it may be difficult to get a good table, but eating here is pleasurable, especially the Isfahan Koofteh Berenji (rice dumplings).

Grandma's table traditional dining menu features Persian-traditional dishes such as Kashke Bademjan, Elahe Sabz polo (Indian Almond rice), wheat meatballs, Kookoo Sabzi, Gheimeh Rize Nokhodchi, Dolma, Kebab, Shami, Koofteh Tabrizi, Abgoosht Nokhodchi, and more than ten other types of healthy, halal, quality foods.

Rate: 3.8/5.0; 73 reviews (Source: Google .com)
Address: Isfahan Province, Isfahan, Hakim St, Iran
Contact: +98 31 3221 3946
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Azam Biryani Restaurant

Azam Briyani is a high-end restaurant in Isfahan known for offering delectable Briyani, an incredibly appealing and well-known meal among the people of Isfahan that is greatly cherished and particular to them. 400 years of cuisine experience at a 100-year-old restaurant at Azam Biryani Restaurant. Yes, for 400 years, Isfahan has been cooking Biryani.

Azam Biryani restaurant is one of the greatest places in Isfahan to eat biryani. This eatery first opened its doors in 1295 and has been a favorite among Biryani aficionados ever since. This restaurant's main selling point is that you can order biryani and abgoosht biryani with local doogh.

Azam Biryani restaurant uses a secret recipe for Biryani and fresh ingredients such as minced lamb. This dish is served with freshly baked Sangak bread, Doogh, and a variety of side dishes.

If you visit Isfahan, make sure to stop at Bryan Azam and try delicious dishes. The place is packed, but the food is delivered swiftly.

Don't be deceived by the restaurant's small size; it's not little at all! You will not be sorry if you dine here.

Biryani Azam restaurant has four locations in Isfahan.

Rate: 4.6/5.0; 5 reviews (Source: Google .com)

Address: Isfahan Province, Isfahan, Sichan, Chahar Bagh E Bala Ave, Iran

Contact: +98 31 3628 0939

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