Top 5 Best Restaurants In Algeria

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Despite being significantly inspired by Arab, Berber, French, and Turkish cuisines, Algerian meals have a distinct flavor. The restaurants in the city, as well ... read more...

  1. This elegant, cozy, and relaxed eatery is possibly the greatest place in Algiers to sample gourmet renditions of local staples. The proprietor extends a warm welcome. The restaurant has two levels, and our reservation table was on the first. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, a musician performs and sings well-known French and worldwide pop and rock songs.... It's most known for its mechoui, a succulent bone-in slow-roasted lamb dish. It also serves salads and a hearty paella on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Upstairs, there's live music and a tiny selection of Algerian wines (jazz on Wednesday and Thursday and classical Algerian on Friday).

    If you are looking for a good gourmet restaurant with reasonable prices and a top atmosphere, the Caïd will be the right address.

    Rate: 3.5/5.0, 31 Google reviews

    Address: 79 Mohamed 5 Blvd, El Djazair 16000, Algeria


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    A steak-house restaurant in a Latin setting as indicated by its name. It is on the top floor of the Bab-Ezzouar shopping centre, where all the restaurants in the centre are located with parking space, excellent security. A great place in the Bab-Ezzouar area, Algiers close to Ibis and Mercure Hotels. Onctueuses specialities and good live music at the rendez-vous. Thursday is Latin evening, Friday is flamenco evening and Saturday is piano bar with French variety.

    Havana is a good restaurant with an amazing design, green, fresh surroundings with efficient staff and reasonable prices. A real escape this restaurant, green and Latin atmosphere, but not only...the varied evenings and a very rich menu. Generous and tasty dishes, noble and superior quality products.

    Rate: 3.5/5.0, 399 reviews (Source: Tripavisor)

    Address: Bab Ezzouar Shopping Mall 2nd Floor, Algiers 16000 Algeria

  3. Eating couscous in a restaurant is a bit of a sin for an Algerian. Couscous is a dish that you prepare at home, and you appreciate it even more when it comes from its mother. This is a good eatery that serves good home food (couscous, but also other local specialties to try as well). As a result, only a few restaurants sell couscous à la carte.

    If you don't get asked to lunch with an Algerian family, head to the Maison du couscous, an unmissable place located just a few feet from the Sacré-coeur cathedral. Couscous, made from barley or wheat, is served every day in a warm Berber style. Other typical foods featured on the map are rechta, ou, and rural soups, as well as chorba. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the service is excellent.

    Address: 5 rue Ernest Zeys Algiers
  4. It is without a doubt one of Algiers' greatest Turkish restaurants. The menu is diverse and traditional, and the service is provided with little onions. Overall, it's a delight. The only disadvantage is that you will have to queue at the entry, which is the flip side of the coin. But the wait is well worth it!

    Casbah Istanbul also has a restaurant at the Ardis shopping complex if you become a fan. The brand has also recently launched a trendy Turkish restaurant in the new Ben Aknoun shopping center, which opened at the end of 2019; while the décor and cosy atmosphere, as well as the spacious patio, are appealing, the cuisine on offer is largely the same.

    Rate: 3.9/5.0, 358 reviews (Source: Google)

    Address: Bab Ezzouar, Algeria

  5. It is the address to use for a café on the terrace or a lunch break after a walk around the Casbah. It is located on the plaza Port-Said (ex-Bresson), two steps from the theatre. The Tourtel-Tantonville enterprise, which has been open since 1870 and was named after the brewery created by the Tourtel brothers in this municipality of Meurthe-et-Moselle, is a landmark. The historic brewery's vast hall is now a café with a spectacular patio and a restaurant with high ceilings, mouldings, mirrors, and antique portraits of stage actors.

    The Tantonville, once frequented by journalists, intellectuals, and theatre actors, has been properly kept and has its nostalgic beauty. The foods (tajines, barbecues, ragouts, boureks, etc.) are tasty and affordable.

    Rate: 3.7/5.0, 106 Google reviews
    Address: 7, square Port-Saïd Algiers

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