Top 3 Best Ways to Convert ESD to ISO in Windows

  1. Top 1 Dism++
  2. Top 2 ESD ToolKit
  3. Top 3 NTLite

Top 3 Best Ways to Convert ESD to ISO in Windows

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    With Dism++, you can enjoy a free and powerful tool that offers many utilities for your Windows system. It helps you to optimize, clean and manage your computer. One reason why Toplist likes Dism++ is because It has a feature that allows you to convert images easily, such as WIM, ESD and ISO.

    Here are 6 steps for using Dism++ to convert your ESD file to ISO:

    1. Download the latest version from
    2. Run the suitable Dism++.exe file and click Accept on the installer setup window
    3. Click on the file menu at the top and select the ESD --> ISO option. Besides, you can navigate to the Toolkit > ESD To ISO.
    4. Click the first Browse button on the Format Conversion Wizard and select your ESD file.
    5. Click the second Browse button and choose a location for your ISO file. Then, enter a name for your ISO file. Once done, click the Save button.
    6. Finally, click Finish to start the conversion process. Please be patient as exporting the converted ISO file will take about 15 minutes.

    After the conversion process is finished, open the location or path you selected earlier to check the ISO file you exported. Now, you have the ISO file ready, check how to flash the ISO file into USB. If the DISM++ automatically encounters an error or hangs in the middle, it means that the ESD file you selected is corrupted. In this case, please download the ESD file again and repeat all the steps.

    Screenshot via DISM++
    Screenshot via DISM++
    Screenshot via DISM++
    Screenshot via DISM++

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    ESD ToolKit

    ESD ToolKit is one of other handy ways to convert ESD files to ISO in Windows for free. However, unlike DISM++, which provides a GUI (graphical user interface), ESD ToolKit is a ESD decrypter that works on Command Prompt.

    Follow the steps below to convert ESD to ISO file using ESD ToolKit:

    1. Download file zip ESD Toolkit from
    2. Navigate to your Downloads folder. Unpack the ZIP file and double-click on the ESDISO.bat file.
    3. A Command Prompt will appear on your screen. Press the Enter key twice.
    4. Copy the full path of the ESD file. For example, the sample ESD file is in the Downloads folder, so the path will be "C:\Users\UserName\Downloads\FileName.esd".
    5. Paste the copied link next to ESDFiles [0]. Make sure that the copied link ends with your ESD file name, otherwise the conversion process will not run.
    6. Press Enter twice more. This command will follow your command and the toolkit will create the ISO file.

    When the process is finished, reopen the folder where you extracted ESD ToolKit. You will only find the extracted ISO file in that folder. Now, you might want to know how to edit ISO files on Windows to better control the exported ISO files. Although ESD ToolKit will do the task for you, in some cases it may get stuck in the conversion process. Don't worry, there is another tool called NTLite with some additional features.

    Screenshot via ESD Toolkit
    Screenshot via ESD Toolkit
    Screenshot via ESD Toolkit
    Screenshot via ESD Toolkit
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    NTLite is the most feature-rich tool among all the utilities mentioned above. It gives you many options to modify any Windows image as you wish. Simply put, you can edit, delete and add different components and features to your custom ISO file, then flash it on any computer.

    Besides customizing Windows images, it allows you to create ISO images from your ESD files. Here are 8 steps to convert file ESD to file ISO by NTLite:

    1. Firstly, download the latest free version of NTLite from and run installation file.
    2. Launch NTLite and close the License pop-up window after the installation is finished.
    3. Click the Add button and select Image (ISO, WIM, ESD, SWM).
    4. Double-click the ESD file you want to convert on the selection window.
    5. In the path of the ESD file you have selected, click on the name of your ESD file. Go to Convert > WIM (Standard, editable) to decode your ESD file.
    6. After decoding, select the install.wim file and click on Create ISO to allow NTLite to create the ISO file.
    7. Select the path for your ISO file and click Save button.
    8. Finally, click OK and wait for NTLite to perform the conversion process.

    After converting, verify that the ISO file works as expected. Unfortunately, NTLite cannot help you convert encrypted ESD files. Therefore, if you have any, you must first convert them to WIM format, and then convert them to ISO.

    Screenshot via NTLite
    Screenshot via NTLite
    Screenshot via NTLite
    Screenshot via NTLite

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